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PI Poll: Which network series cancellation are you most surprise about?

12 Network Series Canceled...So Far

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  1. Mysteries of Laura. Hell, it ended on a cliffhanger. This was my guilty pleasure show . I figured it would at least survive a third season 🙁

    Didn’t watch it but Castle was a close second.

    The rest I could more or less see coming a mile away

  2. Castle could have been a 10 year old show with a spin-off. but apparently, the leads couldn’t stand each other and it fell apart. IT’s a shame.

  3. Most surprised about Laura. I really thought that they would stick with it for Wednesday. I thought maybe Friday but with Midnight, TX getting a series order, I think that it might go on Fridays. Not sure that they can do better on Wednesdays at 8 than Laura.

      • Exactly. I bet NBC struggles in that time slot next season and lives to regret cancelling it.
        None of the rest surprised me, really. Mike & Molly was cancelled because of Melissa McCarthy wanting out, even though she denies that. There is no way CBS would have let it go with the ratings it gets.

  4. Typical ABC/Disney. The poll clearly says Castle was a surprise. And people will be angry at the cancellation. Oh well. I’m now down to only two shows on ABC’s primetime lineup. And when Grey’s and Scandal are gone, I’ll be down to none. Will not support ABC/Disney……………

  5. Grimm was not only canceled they cut the last season down to 16 episodes. It has a great fan base that got thousands of signatures hoping to have Netflix or Hulu pick it up.

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