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PI Poll: What is your all-time favorite newspaper comic book strip?

'Dennis the Menace' Turns 65

In order of the 65th birthday of “Dennis the Menace,” which debuted as a newspaper comic book strip on March 12, 1951, which is your all-time favorite?

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  1. So many choices…. Far Side is just such a unique type of humor. Either you get it or you don’t. I recently introduced my 13 yr old to our old Far Side books. He loves them.

  2. I read “Pogo” every day many decades ago. Now, “Zits” and “Pickles” are my favorite comic strips.

  3. Have to go with “the Big Red S” (Superman), but if you haven’t checked out “Dick Tracy” recently you should. There’s a new art and writing team that have brought the strip back to greatness.

  4. I voted for Peanuts because I do love it, but my real favorite was Cathy, which didn’t make your list. I also loved Calvin & Hobbes and was sad when it ended.

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