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Powerful Ways to Level Up Your Career

In today’s work environment, technical skills are in high demand. And that’s good news whether you’re in the market for a new job or considering a career change. The Covid-19 pandemic pushed remote work into the mainstream, and also hastened a power shift toward those who are well-versed in technological matters.

Many employees nowadays have the option of working remotely, partially remotely, or in a hybrid arrangement. It’s easier to find work that is a good match for your needs and experience if you come prepared with a variety of relevant skills and certifications.

Whether you’re just starting out, are in the midst of your career, or want to make a change, we’ve got some suggestions for you that could help you out.

Learn Full-Stack Development

A full-stack developer is someone competent in both the front and back ends of software development. A full-stack developer is knowledgeable in all three layers of software development: server, database, and client. What sort of stack you employ for a given project is contingent on its specific needs.

As a full-stack developer, you should be familiar with several different stacks.

  • Mean Stack: Angular JS, MongoDB, Express, and Node.js.
  • LAMP Stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.
  • Ruby on Rails: Ruby, SQLite, and PHP.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Full-stack developers are well-versed in a wide variety of programming languages and frameworks, or stacks. However, you shouldn’t let it discourage you. By learning full stack development and becoming proficient in the whole stack, you’ll be considered a jack of all trades. Developers are well-versed in every aspect of the field, making them the most adaptable and, therefore, valuable professionals.

Professional Qualification as an AI Engineer

The Artificial Intelligence Engineer certification is widely recognized as the gold standard in the field of artificial intelligence.

This is due to the fact that AI may be useful in any market sector and is valued by both educators and businesses. Efforts to broaden access to AI courses are being funded by a number of universities and organizations. If you have an associate’s, bachelor’s, or master’s degree, you may choose from a number of online courses to get certification. The credential validates your expertise in areas such as machine learning, NLP, and cognitive computing.

Professional AWS Certified DevOps Engineer

When it comes to the cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the go-to service for businesses of all stripes. Airbnb, Coursera, J&J, Samsung, and Unilever are just a few examples. Earning the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer-Professional credential is a good idea if you’ve been working with AWS infrastructure and applications for at least two years.

Earning this credential shows your proficiency in automating the deployment and testing of applications and infrastructure built on AWS. The platform also provides a number of additional relevant certifications that may help you develop in your profession.

Soft Skills Are Just as Important

Hiring managers care about candidates’ education levels, years of experience, and relevant abilities. But other skills, such as EQ, EQi, ethics, integrity, time management, communication, and collaboration, are just as important.

The term “soft skills” refers to a broad set of traits that focus on interacting well with others. And they might be the key to landing your next great job. According to experts, soft talents enable you to make the most use of your hard abilities.

While universities excel in teaching technical skills, they often fall short in teaching soft skills such as communication, collaboration, and adaptability. These skills are becoming increasingly important in the modern workforce, as employers look for employees who can work effectively in teams and adapt to changing circumstances. Online learning platforms can help fill this gap by offering courses that focus specifically on developing soft skills. It’s easier than ever to build the future with Audo AI, Simplero, Teachable and other online learning platforms. 

Methods for Advancing Your Career

Careers may be shaped in a variety of ways, but making a series of strategic choices and actions can put you in a position to succeed in the job of your choice. It’s time to put your newfound hard and soft abilities to use in the real world.

Get Yourself Interview-ready

No matter whether you’re interviewing internally or outside, experts agree that you should always be prepared. Researching the company, position, and interviewer might help you determine whether the job fits your talents and interests.

Successfully Pitch for a Higher Salary

In 2021, inadequate pay was cited as the cause for leaving the workforce by 63% of individuals who willingly quit their employment.

In May of 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a median annual pay of $97,430 for workers in IT fields. The process of negotiating a raise in pay ought to be a part of the job upgrading process for everyone, regardless of whether you are planning to remain with your present employer or are trying to join a new one.

Final Thoughts

The job market might be tough, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t opportunities for motivated individuals. So, if you feel like your skills are outdated, or you’re ready for a career change, go ahead without fear. Playing to your strengths and investing in yourself will pay off in the long run.