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PreMarkets Review – Retail Tools for Traders

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Tools are the allies for retail traders everywhere. These trading tools ensure that retail traders can perform various trading strategies when they buy and sell assets. PreMarkets ensures that users can navigate the markets using the tools they have at their disposal. These tools also ensure that they can compete with other market actors in the trading ecosystem. If you want a brokerage allowing you to buy and sell assets using various strategies, then PreMarkets is right for you.

Our PreMarkets review shows some of the pros and cons of using the platform. If you plan on joining the platform, this guide will help you make the necessary decisions. Without wasting any more time, here is what you need to know about PreMarkets.


Advanced Trading Tools

PreMarkets provides traders with beginner and advanced trading tools which they can use to manage their trades better. These tools ensure that users can benefit from various market movements and also hedge their bets against volatility. In addition, users will get an edge as these tools will allow them to be on equal footing with other participants in the market. Some of the tools available to users include live charts, stop loss, rulers, and buy limits. These tools make it easy for traders to navigate the wild west of asset markets. 

Asset and News Updates

All the latest news and market updates are presented to users directly in their accounts. PreMarkets provides the latest happenings as they occur in a bid to help traders make the right call before any sudden price movements. Furthermore, it allows traders to have all the information they need sent to their inboxes. The brokerage provides email and in-app alerts that take the information to users where they are most comfortable. Users are encouraged to use the channels they want to receive these updates as they happen. In addition, they can customize the updates that matter the most to them.

Mobile Trading App

PreMarkets has a mobile app that is available on all devices. The app allows users to perform various tasks, including checking their brokerage balance, purchasing assets, viewing charts, funding their balance, and withdrawing funds. These services allow users to access their brokerage account from any convenient device. It also improves the flexibility of user options and ensures they are not limited. Users can download the app from the app store or directly from the brokerage website. Remember, do not share your login details with a third party, as they will be able to access your account with that information. 

Multiple Assets and Markets

There are numerous assets available for users on the platform. These assets are available for purchase and can be bought by all account holders. In addition, these assets cut across various markets and allow users to diversify their holdings. Some of the assets include indices, stocks, crypto, forex, and options. These assets give users exposure to different markets and ensure that all their eggs are not in one basket. Therefore, users will not get wiped out if there is a systemic shock in one market. Additionally, it ensures that users do not need multiple brokerages to buy and sell assets.


Slow Account Opening Process

New users have to pass various account and identification checks which make it a bit tedious to open an account. PreMarkets is a safe brokerage for users and continues to remain so by using these checks to filter out criminals and bad actors from its system. To open an account with the brokerage, you will be required to provide a means of identification which will be verified before you can begin a transaction on your account. However, these checks may slow down new users’ access to the platform. It is for their benefit in the long run. 


You will find all the tools you need to trade assets on this brokerage. If you want an environment where you can build a diversified portfolio, then PreMarkets is the answer. Want more details? Visit the PreMarkets site. 


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