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Staying Safe Around Drugs – 9 Things You Ought To Know

Drugs are no longer perceived the way they were several decades ago. Most adults think that they should no longer be criminalized. Instead, they think people should have the freedom to take drugs if they want to. However, some drugs are definitely harmful and do pose a threat to society. It doesn’t take long, unfortunately, to get addicted. If you are around drugs (as many people are today) then you need to make sure that you stay safe. As long as you are responsible and careful, drugs are unlikely to have a negative effect on you.

Here are nine things you need to know about staying safe around drugs.

Medical Marijuana

In many states, marijuana is still criminalised for recreational use. However, in most, it can be used medicinally. It’s very common for people in the Miami weed scene to feign illnesses in order to get medical marijuana prescriptions. The same is true in many other cities and states where the drug is not legal recreationally. Make sure that if you are going to apply for a medical marijuana permit, you have a genuine reason. Faking illness to get weed could get you into trouble if you’re ever caught.

Responsible Sourcing

You need to make sure that you source drugs responsibly, regardless of what you’re taking. Even if you are taking illegal drugs, they need to be purchased from somebody who’s trustworthy and doesn’t cut their stuff. It is common for drug dealers to cut the drugs they buy, so they can maximise their profits. One of the easiest ways to determine whether or not your dealer’s cutting their drugs is to buy a testing kit and test each bag you buy.

Buying Organic

When you are buying marijuana, make sure you buy organic. Organic marijuana is much better for your health than non-organic marijuana. The reason for this is that non-organic marijuana tends to contain harmful chemicals and synthetics, like fertilisers. While the amount of chemicals found in non-organic marijuana is usually very little, it’s still not worth taking the risk and consuming it. If you have a medical marijuana permit, then you’ll be able to buy organic weed from dispensaries in your area. If the drug is legalised for recreational use, then similarly, you can shop with dispensaries that specialise in organic produce.

Recognising Addiction

If you do use drugs, then you need to make sure that you’re aware of the signs of addiction. It is common for people to accidentally drift into addiction. Nobody starts using drugs with the intention of becoming addicted. However, because addiction creeps up on people, even the most responsible drug users can end up having to deal with it. If you do not deal with addiction fast and effectively, then yours could end up spiralling out of control. Addiction often leads people to make decisions that they ordinarily would not, like stealing or lying to get money for drugs.

Peer Pressure

A lot of people start using drugs because they’re pressured into drug use by their friends. When you are pressured into doing anything by your friends, it is called peer pressure. You need to make sure that you avoid peer pressure. If your friends are drug users, then make sure that you do not let them pressure you. If they start nagging you to use drugs that you don’t want to use, then go home, or at least tell them to stop. It’s unfortunately common for drug people to want to see everybody around them on drugs. If your friends persist, stop talking to them.

Recreational Use

Recreational drug use is fine, as long as it’s done in moderation. That said, you should avoid hard drugs as much as you can. As long as you take precautions and ensure the people from whom you buy drugs are responsible and do not use chemicals to make their drugs more powerful, then you should be okay. Bear in mind that some drugs have very serious side effects sometimes. Also, just because a drug hasn’t been contaminated with anything, that does not mean that it’s always safe. If you have any health problems, then drugs could make them worse.

Testing Batches

If you are going to be buying and using hard drugs (which is not recommended) then make sure that you test them, as already mentioned. Testing your drugs will help you to determine whether or not any contaminants have been used. However, testing kits can be expensive. If you are going to a festival or club, there might be facilities there for you to test your drugs. It’s common for the organisers of parties and festivals to hire drug testing labs so that people can make sure their drugs have not been contaminated with harmful adulterants.

Medical Help

If you do take drugs and begin experiencing unwanted side effects, then make sure that you seek out medical help. You should never ignore the side effects of drugs. Ignoring them could lead to you getting seriously ill or even overdosing. Most ambulance services and hospitals will treat drug side effects as a priority. If you do end up experiencing them, then they will prioritise you, and get you treated immediately. Seeking out medical help is essential in such situations. Make sure you are honest about how many (and which) drugs you have used. If you are dishonest, then it could change the way that they treat you.

Having Awareness

Finally, make sure that you are self-aware. Self-awareness, when you are taking drugs, is very important. If you are not a self-aware person then you will not be able to recognise the signs of addiction when they become manifest, and you will not be able to identify when you have a problem (or when something that you’re doing is unsafe). One of the best ways to become more self-aware is to actually learn about the drugs that you are taking. Do your research and make sure you know the consequences of taking the drugs you’re using (as well as their effects, side effects, and how they are made).

Drugs are used by a lot of young people today. If you want to start using them, then you need to know the information outlined here. Knowing all of this information will help you to keep yourself healthy, avoid addiction, and prevent yourself from taking anything that’s not safe for use.