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Print More, Save More with G&G Refill Ink Bottles

In recent years, ink tank printers have become a popular and sustainable choice, thanks to their cartridge-free refillable design and high capacity. As the trend shifts towards ink tank printers, customers seek more affordable and quality ink refill options. 

Many ink suppliers like G&G, a globally recognized brand with over two decades of experience in the printing industry, have offered their line of refill ink bottles.


What’s special about G&G’s ink bottles?

Leak-proof Design & Auto Refilling

One of the key features of G&G’s refill ink bottles is their leak-proof design with good sealing, ensuring a mess-free and smooth refilling process. No leaks, no stress! Moreover, these ink bottles feature automatic refilling, which allows the ink to flow and refill automatically, eliminating the need to squeeze the bottles.

Versatile Quality Inks

G&G’s refill inks can be applied on various paper types, from copy paper to photo paper and cardstocks, meeting diverse printing needs for home, office, school, government, or hospital use. These inks deliver outstanding color quality as the inks evenly saturate the paper, creating prints with vibrant colors and brightness. 

To ensure a seamless printing experience across various paper types and settings, consider pairing G&G’s refill inks with quality printing supplies from Supply Link USA, guaranteeing optimal results for all your printing needs, whether at home, in the office, or in educational and institutional settings.

Anti-Clogging Formula

Clogged print heads can be a common headache for printer users, resulting in streaks and uneven ink distribution. G&G tackles this issue with its innovative anti-clogging ink formula. Moreover, the inks undergo a nano-level, four-layer filtration process, ensuring a smooth printing experience without any clogging problems.

Premium Fade Resistance

Prints tend to fade over time due to UV and ozone exposure, losing their vibrancy over time. To solve this problem, G&G developed inks featuring stable chemical substances, proven to resist fading. This ensures that your prints retain their full color spectrum and vivid brilliance for ages.

Cost-Effective with High Page Yields

G&G’s refill ink bottles offer not only quality but also cost-effectiveness. With an ink volume of 70ml, their ink bottles provide a high page yield – up to 4,500 pages for black ink, and 7,500 for cyan, magenta, and yellow inks, making them an economical choice for users with high-volume printing needs.

Make the smart choice for your printing needs – enjoy smooth, colorful prints every time!

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