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Profitable Bots to Boost your Conversions!

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Marketing is a great field that changes every day. But it’s very profitable. In marketing, you can make tons of profits. And all businesses use it! Because it takes you to change your strategy and tools to increase your revenues more and more ( ut9win สมัคร ). Today, bots are new marketing tools to boost massively your profits and leads in any niche.

In this post, I will present the best builder bots you ever need to boost your profits and leads. It’s a new technology to create unlimited Artificial intelligence (AI) bots for you and your clients.

Now, many stats announce that customers behaviors had changed. They are smarter, they don’t have much time to wait and they want quick replies for their inquiries before buying.

All that push marketers to find the best solution to keep their loyal customers engaging and ready to buy! 

These customers need something to make them more engaging and catch their interests. AI bots do all this and more…- I will explain below!

What is bot?

According to Wikipedia, an Internet bot, also known as a web robot, robot or simply bot, is a software application that runs automated tasks over the Internet. Typically, bots perform tasks that are both simple and structurally repetitive, at a much higher rate than would be possible for a human alone”. 

That means a simple tool to accomplish an automated online task. These tasks differ from business to business. 

But what is marketing bot?

It means use bots in marketing to make more profits or to grab more views, subscribers, leads… to your business. So, marketing bots are a simple automated tool to do simple tasks. And many big companies use bots in their marketing such as: Facebook bots or Google bots…

Today, bots are used in all industries not only in online marketing. Therefore, you should use bots to boost your profits too. Because they make great results for all niche!

What are the best bots to boost your profits?

The best bots you ever need to boost your profits and leads is Kotenage Pro!

Kotenage Pro is a great technology software to create unlimited marketing bots for any business. You can create them for your clients too. 

With this new AI bot, you can create unlimited bots like:

In Page Bots for your pages. These bots will grab unlimited leads faster. As they chat with your visitors to reply to their objections and ask them the right questions to turn them into loyal customers! Which increase your profits massively? Chatbots. These chatbots are easy, fun and fast to attract the visitor’s intention and engage with your prospects faster by giving them the answers needed to stop them drifting away without giving you a sale. Malabo’s is another tool to turn your visitors from passive actions into desirable actions faster.  That make your website more profitable! But the best bots are Videoblogs! Video is an awesome tool to market any product or service successfully! Video is the future- use this tool to create professional videos for any purpose. Because video is a powerful marketing tool. It generates huge profits in all industries. That’ why you need Videoblogs. Because the results will be unbelievable. It’s a great bot to catch your visitors and convert them into profits and leads faster!

What are Kotenage’s benefits?

Kotenage is a great software to help you get profitable benefits such as:

Get more free traffic Generate unlimited leads and sales Increase your affiliate commissions – Learn how to become a super affiliate! Build your email list Build your brand faster Boost your conversion rate Grow your business easily Save your money and time

The best Kotenage’s features:

In this software, you will get these amazing features:

Create unlimited bots for any niche. That saves your money. because you don’t need any other tool to profit from botching quality technology. It’s AI bots. It works any site successfully. Easy to use technology. You don’t need any code or course to create as many as you want of bots for site, page and channels… Which save more money. One bot to create unlimited basset and forget. It means perfect technology to create effective bots. You don’t have to do anything; bots do the hard work for you. Just, create your boots and let them to grab your profits and leads massively! Fast, engaging and fun bots. This means you will build attention-grabbing perfect bots in just minutes! That save your time and efforts! Great Drag and Drop technology to create awesome bots. This technology makes it easy to create attractive bots with zero skills. So, you need to struggle to design awesome bots. All is done for you! Just, few clicks and launch wonderful bots for any business! Everything is unlimited in this software. Because you can create or edit AI Bots as many as you want! This is for your projects and for your clients! So, it’s a great opportunity to make tons of money!

Unique technology!

Unique bots in the market. You will not find this type of bots:  In page Bots, Chat Bots, Modal bots and Video Bots! Which helps you to dominate your industry and make huge money! Realistic and personal automation. It’s a great feature because these bots react as real person with your visitors. It means real time, real actions and real results. Because these bots act as real people. Your prospects will think they are real people. This has a huge impact on your benefits. As prospects love to deal with real person. This technology integrates with the most powerful platforms online you need like: WordPress, Shopify, Prestation, big commerce and Amer commerce… So, there is no problem, you can use these bots in any platforms you want. That makes Kotenage very flexible! Also, it integrates with the top autoresponders such as: Get Response, Mailchimp, Send lane, Active Campaign Market Hero and more… That saves much money. Because you all tools you need from one dashboard. Further, you have Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel integrated too in this software. Which makes it unique in its features and its benefits! It’s 100% cloud-based! It means you can create your bots online or in app without uploading or downloading anything. Which makes it easy to access to it any place! And full Commercial License included. It’s a big deal to get now. Because you have the right to create bots as many as you want and sell them to your clients and keep 100% of the profits!

How can you use Kotenage?

Kotenage Pro is very easy to use to create unlimited bots to boost your profits and leads. Just, follow these simple steps:

Name your bot and choose your Avatar image. Design your bot as you like. You can choose your background, color scheme… So, you edit your bot appearance as you want! Build your engagement interactions and choose how you want your bot to engage with prospects. For example, you can: Say something Ask a question Ask for information: Phone, address, email…Reply to visitor’s questions End conversation and many other things… It’s up to you to create other tips to convert your visitors easily! Share your bot on: Your website Social media website Social just online Set and let your engaging bots to boost your profits and leads. Really, these bots have a powerful benefit for your business. They increase your conversion rate massively!

Increase your Profits Massively!

Really, Kotenage Pro is a great AI technology to boost your profits and leads for any business. Because it creates many types of bots like: In page Bots, Chat Bots, Modal bots and Video Bots! All that increase your conversions rate!

Who can profit from these marketing bots?

Well, these bots you create by Kotenage are profitable for:

Affiliate marketers YouTube channels marketers’ Social marketers Video marketers Email marketers Web design marketers Web developers E-learning marketers ecommerce marketers Digital marketers Graphic and design marketers and many other online business…

Kotenage’s price overview:

Kotenage is for $39.00 for personal use and $42.00 for commercial. That makes it a reasonable tool for any marketer. Because it’s a reasonable price for a profitable software. Which can increase your conversion rate and earn you much money.

Plus, it comes with unlimited everything feature. In other words, you will get unlimited features more than any other bot builder. 

For example, you get unlimited:

Bot projects Habotai Pageboy, Modulo and Videobomb templates Custom domain Email domain Email time payment and much more options …

That’s why it worth the price. It’s a small investment to make a bigger profit!

So, take action now and don’t miss this opportunity to bank big!

Buy Kotenage now

Discount price – Use this coupon “bot10off “Easy to use – No skills needed Works on anywhere Onetime payment30 Day Money Back Guarantee Use it on your site, email, social or online Create unlimited marketing bobos your conversion rate by 58% and more…Training and updates included Support in less than 24 commercial licenses included NOW! Amazing bonuses

Limited offer for some features as commercial license! The price will go up Internet connection needed

Kotenage’s bonuses:

This app comes with amazing bonuses to boost your profits more. If you make your purchase now, you will get these bonuses:

FREE Lead Profiter Reseller License! It’s a new software to capture unlimited leads without any landing page or opting forms. Plus, you can sell this Lead Profiter as your OWN product and keep 100% profits. FREE Unlimited Reseller License of Outreach. This is a new interactive content marketing software to generate massive engagements, leads and revenue. FREE Reseller License of Vee dads Worth. It is complete traffic and sales-driving videos creator to take your business to the next level! FREE Reseller License of Snapshot! It’s the best smart cloud-based become store builder to build your profitable store easily. That save you tons of monthly fees in other become platforms!

Plus, you can sell all these bonuses as yours and keep 100% profits! Which is an additional profit!


Well, Kotenage Pro is a great app to create unlimited bots for your business to boost your profits and leads massively! It’s the best bot builder you ever need. Because it provides unlimited AI bot features. Which you won’t find any bot builder competitors. 

So, Kotenage is a great opportunity to build unlimited marketing bots for your use or for your clients in few minutes. It’s very easy technology, if you want to increase your profits!