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‘Raw Travel’ Renewed for Season 8

Weekend Half-Hour Travel Series Cleared in 95 Percent of the Country

AIM Tell-A-Vision Group (AIM TV) has announced the eighth season renewal for weekly half-hour staple “Raw Travel.” Thanks to an aggressive shooting schedule pre-pandemic, “Raw Travel” will be rolling out an entire season of original, first-run content effective on Saturday, October 3 and Sunday, October 4, respectively. Upcoming featured destinations from around the globe will include Lithuania. Ukraine, Turkey, Columbia, Indonesia, Jamaica, Ethiopia, the country of Georgia and some limited, domestic U.S. travel.

“Travelers miss traveling, and viewers need a dose of optimism, love, and hope. I’m so grateful that last year, I said ‘yes’ to so many travel opportunities. I had no idea that we’d need this content in 2020-21 to complete our eighth season of all-original content”, said  producer, Robert G. Rose. “First-run, original content can help broadcasters attract viewers on weekends when sports are uncertain, and many syndicated shows have no choice but to re-run or repackage old content. We want to help viewers face this daunting new reality by giving them a chance to live vicariously through our adventures until eventually we can all safely and enjoyably travel again.”

Clearances for season eight of “Raw Travel” are a record 174 U.S. cities, representing 95 percent of U.S. TV homes, with multiple airings each week in most major markets. In addition to domestic growth, “Raw Travel” continues to expand its international footprint on a variety of outlets worldwide and can also be seen via several In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) offerings on airlines such as American, Delta, Air Canada and Virgin America.

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