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Regina King Reunites with Her ‘227’ Co-Star Jackee Harry and Anderson Cooper Laughs Hysterically on CNN New Year’s Eve

Before Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen rang in the New Year for 2022 from New York’s Times Square on CNN, Oscar-winning actress Regina King appeared as a guest to chat with them.

During her appearance, King was surprised to be joined by one of her former co-stars, Jackee Harry. The two had starred on the hit NBC sitcom “227” from 1985 to 1990. King welcomed seeing by mimicking Harry’s most famous line in the way Harry’s character Sandra had said it, “Hey, Marrrrrrr-y!”

Cooper could not help but laugh hysterically while the two slightly-tipsy women were on, especially when Cohen began offering to play “Never Have I Ever” with them. A tipsy Cooper himself admitted, “I haven’t laughed all year. It’s so nice to laugh at you guys.”