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ReNett – Mobile Video Forum

The mobile video forum ReNett is a place where users share opinions, discuss and argue on various topics in communities.


We genuinely believe that the future belongs to the video communication format. Potential users of mobile video forum apps are active users of current social networks who like to express their opinions and participate in discussions. And the video forum will be an excellent platform for them for self-expression.

ReNett combines the video posts like in Snapchat with the forum structure of Reddit. And here it is – a video conversation on any topic, in faces and with lively emotions, but without the need to be online at the moment

In December 2021, we launched with our app on Product Hunt. Though we did not get the Product of the Day, we were excited to be in the Top-10 of the day.


ReNett is an application for bringing people together by interests. This means that topics in communities are the central element of the application. The key feature is conversation threads within the topics. Users can follow the conversation and go back to its very beginning.

The topic for discussion can be the author’s thoughts or a question. Users can attach a link to the original content when creating a topic: article, video, whatever. With the help of the upvote and downvote functions, users raise the most interesting topics to the top.

And it works! There are more than 100 communities with more than 1000 topics in

The communities of our friends and partners were the first in the application. We invited startups, game developers, psychologists, travel bloggers, and other fascinating people. They help us test the app and make it more convenient for discussions.

What’s next

Now we work on adding functionality to the application, increasing the speed of uploading and video playing.

Our next step is the function of viewing external content in the application, like instant view in Telegram, so that users can view articles or videos on a topic without leaving the application and immediately discuss them.

And we have one more thing is ReComment – plugin for video comments on websites. New users and content from the website plugin will solve the “chicken and egg” problem. Websites with a hosted plugin will be a source of new topics for discussion. And website visitors will continue discussing the topic in the application.

We will be glad to see you in our ReNett community. You can download the application on our website or directly on AppStore and PlayMarket. And please feel free to leave your feedback.