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Replicon Review; Features, Pricing and More

Replicon Review; Features, Pricing and More

About Replicon

Replicon is a great software that gives you end to end time management options for your company, no matter what the size of your operations is. This tool essentially allows you to analyse, track and keep up with the most important asset that comes with a company; employee time and productivity. With Replicon software, your employees can accurately write down their time and make sure that their work time is all accounted for. The software makes it incredibly easy to enter time, attendance, any vacation days or sick days they might take. The software is web based and can easily be accessed with login credentials for your employees. Or you can also choose to use a mobile app for the software which is incredibly robust and gets the job done easily. 

Whether your employees are salaried or hourly workers, this software accurately accounts for everyone’s time spent on work and helps you remunerate them accordingly. 

This software makes things easier for every department. From Human Resources or finance; this software can do it all for you! In this piece, we will be talking in length about Replicon software to help you decide whether or not you have any need for this software at your business! 

Features in Replicon

User Friendly 

One of the best things about replicon software happens to be that it is user friendly. This feature makes using the software a very easy task since you do not have to face a learning curve when it comes to the software and can hit the ground running. On average, adjusting to a new software is incredibly hard but with Replicon software, you and your team do not have to worry about the learning curve and can get used to the software in no time at all. An easy interface makes work easier too since you and your team can use the software with no issues and make updates as you go. 


The dashboard feature in Replicon Project Management Software is another feature which is often lauded in Replicon software reviews. This feature helps you to make an easy transition to the software. The dashboard displays all the functions which can be accessed with the software and allows you to execute these processes very easily. In this case, the software makes it simple for you to navigate through it and allows you to easily get used to it and execute your functions on it with ease as well. 

Make Time Management Easy

The main purpose of this software is to keep track of time and make it easier for time management. The software helps you to add in time for your team and yourself. Keeping track of hourly paid employees becomes much easier to management with Replicon software. This software helps you to make sure you are able to let the finance department make accurate payments according to how much your employees has worked. And let’s Human Resources also keep track of what time the employee is giving to their work. All in all, the feature in this software for keeping track of time is sublime in how it allows you to management your human capital. 

Great Troubleshooting

Another great thing about Replicon software is that it allows you to solve any issues you time face immediately. The software has a dedicated team that is devoted to answering questions for you and your team. If you ever experience an issue with the software and need to have it resolved in order to do your work, then you are easily able to get in touch with the team behind the software and ask for help. The software makes it much easier for you to resolve any issues. If you raise any tickets for the software, the team makes sure that they resolve them almost immediately. 

Web based Software 

Another thing which makes this software such a treat to use is that it is web based as well. This means that you are able to access the software from anywhere in the world. Having ease of access for your software makes things a lot easier. You are not bound to being at your office and using a specific system to access Replicon software but can easily do so with an internet connection of any device; whether a phone or a computer. The software allows you to make things a lot easier for your needs because you can essentially use the software in any situation. 

Manage Finances Better

Finances of a business need to be exact. With Replicon software, you are able to keep track of exactly how many hours your employees work. This means you pay everyone accurately and can keep track of what your salary payments for the month will look like because of the hours worked by employee being calculated and you knowing exactly how much is owed to everyone. With replicon, your finances are in better control and easier to management and keep track of which is essential! 

Replicon Pricing

Replicon pricing is not as high as some of its competitors. The software is ideal for companies with under 25 employees. The pricing is increasing in nature; with the software costing less depending on what tier it is. However, in order to know how much it will cost, you need to reach out to the vendor for a quote. 

Replicon Reviews

Replicon software reviews are incredibly positive. The software has an average of 4 stars online from various users. This software is very popular among HR departments across the world because of the ease of use it provides everyone with. 

Is Replicon Right for You

Now comes the all-important question; is Replicon software even right for you? Well only you can answer this question. We suggest listing down all the features you would ideally want in your software and then comparing those features to the ones in Replicon software. We also suggest that you read as many replicon software reviews to know what current users think of the software. All in all, we are sure whatever decision you come to in regards of whether the software is right for your needs depends on you. And we are sure you’ll make the right call!