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Safety Tips When Buying A Scooter For Your Kid 

The increasing popularity of scooters is becoming more and more evident. Every morning, I notice a family or group of kids using scooters to get to school, while adults use them to commute to work. The fact is scooters are fun for getting around. And scooters are not designed to cater to a specific age group. Whether you want a scooter for yourself or an electric scooter for kids, you are likely to be very happy with your purchase. Although, in this article, we are going to focus on scooter safety for your kids. Even though scooters from Core Scooter are pretty safe and easy to get used to, you always want to prioritize the health of your children. So, in light of keeping your kids happy on their scooters, take the following suggestions to heart. 

Make A Helmet Mandatory 

Just because a scooter is lightweight and easy to control does not mean accidents can’t happen. And when they do happen, you want your kids to be okay afterward. Hence the reason for making a helmet rule if they want to use the scooter. Electric scooters on ScooterAdviser today vary in their capabilities, not only on modern but features but on power too. Having one fitted with a powerful motor increases the chance of getting into accident. Something as basic as a helmet can provide a lot of safety for the tiny accidents kids are bound to have. Luckily, helmets are available in many different colors and designs. So let them choose one they like because then you know they won’t have a problem wearing it. 

Go Through Riding Basics 

For a grownup, there is nothing complicated about riding a scooter. All you need is a little balance and some thrust, right? However, riding a scooter is not as straightforward when you buy it for a toddler. Keep in mind they still have to develop their balancing skills, which is why you should do a few practice rides with them. Make sure your kids know what they are doing and help them build some confidence first. Then you can inform them about dangerous areas where they shouldn’t be riding, like in the middle of the road.

Remind Your Kids To Wear Shoes 

It is natural for kids to do everything barefoot. In fact, many of them hate wearing shoes, especially when they are having some real fun. But there are certain dangers involved when riding a scooter barefoot. For example, sharp stones, bricks, and even sticks can end up sticking into their feet. And what about kids that prefer to use their feet for stopping instead of stepping on the brake? At the end of the day, you can avoid certain injuries by letting your kids wear closed-toe shoes with some good grip. 

Scooter Maintenance 

Inspecting the scooter is a very important part of keeping your kids safe. Of course, maintenance does not have to be done every day. But every now and again, check if the handlebars are still tight and whether the brakes function as they should. You should even check if the wheels are in good shape and secure. And while you do a maintenance check, give the scooter a good wash to keep it appealing for your kids. 

Consider A Micro Scooter 

If you are in the process of shopping for a scooter that will make your child really happy, take a look at the collection of Micro Scooters we have available. There is a wide range of models to choose from for boys and girls regardless of age. But you can make it even more fun and exciting with a few accessories.  

What Accessories Do You Get? 

To start with, our Scooter Bags never disappoint because they are easy to hold and they let your kids store many essential things, such as toys and snacks. And when the temperatures start to drop, add a Scooter Hand Cosy to the mix. Not only are these waterproof and better than normal gloves, but they are also designed to attach to the handles of the scooter. Finish off the set with some Scooter Handle Ribbons, which are perfect if your child wants to personalize their scooter according to their unique taste.