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What Other Series Would You Like to See Renewed at ABC?

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  1. I still enjoy Nashville and the music it produces. Hopefully it will get picked up for a final season.

  2. Last Man Standing although I wouldn’t mind a final 13 episodes for Nashville and Castle too.

  3. The Muppets. I still love Kermit and Miss Piggy even though I only ended up seeing 2-3 episodes.

    • Check out Deans latest post in the DVR over on spoilertv. Its pretty clear he is a troll i am done with him.

      • Dean is not a troll. He just speaks from past experience of a show he liked. I understand why he feels that way. Anyway, it’s just best to drop the subject. I know you don’t want to be banned and I don’t want to be banned either. 🙂

        • Yeah he is a troll no fanbase needs a fan like him. he even wants it cancelled now. He is not even seeing several shows do worse. Yeah he is nothing more than a troll. I have seen others giving him the cold shoulder because of his insane pov. Writing “stop it already” and “exaggerating much” ect..

        • If you see his latest posts on spoilertv yeah he is. There is no need in everyone one of his posts with his insane negative view which i might add none other has. No fanbase needs such a negative nancy/troll bringing down any fanbase

            • Glad you can see it now too. Not even shows in real danger has posters like him. This behavior of him is unacceptable and hitting the show. No fanbase need this and its not even danger everyone has it as a renewal and its doing better than many of their shows too. Maybe if someone else replied to him about this negative behavior for nothing it might help him stop. I know i have tried even showed charts ect and other stuff like from King leonidas post. Nothing helped. He is insane