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Seven Wonders City Islamabad – Payment Plan – Location – Map -Noc

Seven Wonders City, a theme-based housing project, offers all Seven Wonders of the World in one community. It is located near the CPEC route. It is home to 7 wonders that cover more than 200 acres.


Global Financial Services (GFS), project owner, is a well-known entity in the construction sector for over a decade. They have been involved in a wide range of infrastructure projects from residential to commercial. They have also managed investments by clients in many fields. GFS aims to add more value to every venture it manages.

Owners and Developers:

GFS is one of the most prominent builders in Pakistan. Mr. Irfan Wahid serves as the acting CEO. He is a multi-talented builder who has experience in New York City and London as an engineer and supervisor.


When searching for property to invest in, some real estate investors pay attention to a few key factors. It is important to consider the location of the property. The reason for this is to give residents a sense safety. It is important that you have access to all the necessities of daily life in order to lead a stress-free lifestyle.

A housing society’s location is of great importance as it is close to the CPEC Ring Road Interchange. In 25 minutes, one can access M2 Islamabad–Lahore Motorway. The New Islamabad International Airport, however, is just a 20-minute drive from the housing society. Its entrance point is located near Fateh Jang Road and the other is close to the CPEC route.

NOC Status:

As it stands, the Seven Wonders City has yet to be issued the No Objection Certificate by the Tehsil Municipal Authority. They will then develop their Master Plan once they have the NOC.

Payment Options:

Administrators aim to create a stress-free environment for residents by providing an efficient payment plan. The installment rates are very affordable as the housing society is still in development.

Master Plan:

The master plan is still in development, but the developers are currently negotiating with TMA Fatehjang to obtain the NOC. The developers plan a similar city to Karachi with separate residential and commercial sectors. It is expected to create a new atmosphere for residents.

Plot Sizes:

These are the dimensions of the plot:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla


This project’s developers plan to build different parks and landmarks, just like the ones in Karachi. Different sectors will have replicas of famous heritage sites in this housing society. It would be a great place for residents to take photos of landmarks and then upload them to social media for more likes and comments. They would be able to find the seven replicas of these wonders.

  • Taj Mahal
  • Roman Coliseum
  • The Great Pyramid of Giza
  • Statue Of Liberty
  • The Great Chinese Wall
  • The Stonehenge
  • Eiffel Tower

All these replicas will be built around the Sectors’ midpoint. A replica of the famous landmark in Pakistan, Minar-e -Pakistan, will also be built with the seven wonders. This is one of the most remarkable features of this housing society. It allows you to imagine your dream destinations every hour. It would also be a great spot to snap pictures and share them on social media without actually traveling to these locations.


Because it offers world-class amenities for its residents, The 7 Wonders City could become a premier housing community in the capital. These are just a few of the many amenities that make it one the most exciting housing projects in the federal city.

* Grand mosque

* A state-of-the art hospital

* Cricket stadium

* Arcade rooms

* Community centres

* The Library contains the most recent stock

* Water parks and community parks

* Clubhouse

* The City’s Top Schools

* Play area for children

* Mini-zoo

* Health clubs

* Children Parks

Pros & Cons:


  • 7 Wonders City offers a tranquil and extravagant lifestyle for its residents.
  • Residents would find it fascinating to see replicas of the Seven Wonders of the World in this housing project.
  • A professionally designed system for sewerage and waste disposal.


  • Its expansion plans may take longer than necessary due to its innovative infrastructure and world-class facilities.
  • As of right now, it has not been issued the No Objection certificate.
  • Because of the wealth of the project designers, it is expected to be more expensive in the real estate market.


Q1. Who is the owner/operator of 7 Wonders city?

Ans. Global Financial Services (GFS) owns this project, an organization that has a long history of providing construction and investment services in Karachi.

Q2. Where is location of society?

Ans. It can be found near NOVA on the CPEC route. There are two entry points to it: one near Fateh Jang Road and the other on the CPEC route.

Q3. Does the society have its NOC Approval?

Ans. As their NOC process is underway, the developers of this project have already begun negotiations with relevant authorities. They have all the documentation and land required; they will soon receive the NOC from Tehsil Municipal Authority, Fateh Jang.

Q4. Is it a good deal?

Ans. Investment in villas and residential plots are a great way to keep your income up in a market like the real estate. Investing in the seven wonder projects is a great way to increase your wealth.

Q5. How do I book a plot?

Ans. Sky marketing will provide all information about 7 Wonders City. Visit our office in Islamabad or contact our marketing specialists via our official number.

Q6. What are residential plot sizes?

Ans. Residential plot sizes are available in three sizes: 5marla, 7 Marla and 10 Marla.

Q7. What is aim of GFS developers?

Ans. Seven Wonders City is a project of the GFS group that aims to bring the concept of an historical or cultural City to Islamabad.

Q8. Is it able to guarantee a high return on investment?

Yes. Its ideal location, with state-of the-art features and replicas from internationally famous structures, makes it an attractive investment.


7 Wonders City is one of the most impressive projects in Pakistan’s real estate industry. The project is designed to offer a large amount of permanent assets to its potential investors in Pakistan and abroad. It is quickly becoming a popular choice of housing for residents, and it will also meet the needs of federal capital residents. 

The company owners are aiming to expand their business nationwide with the investment they made in Islamabad. Sky Marketing can provide more information to interested investors. We are a team of marketing professionals who are eager to discuss profitable opportunities with potential investors in Real Estate.