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Silver city Islamabad – Payment Plan – Location – Map – NOC

Rapid urbanization in Pakistan has caused severe housing problems, especially in major cities. There has been a significant rise in housing societies and a shortage of homes due to the influx of migrants from other parts of Pakistan.

Many middle-class people are unable to afford rent their houses, even though they allocate a large portion of their monthly income towards them. Silver city Islamabad will announce a new payment plan in 2022. The Rawalpindi Development Authority RDA has already approved the NOC.

Due to the ever-increasing number of housing options in Pakistan, there is fierce competition on the real estate market. Bahria Town and Park View, Lahore Smart City, Capital smart, and DHA are some top housing societies in Pakistan that are competing not just on their location but also on the construction and interior design of their buildings.

Silver city developers:

This project will be co-developed by the two well-respected real estate companies SAREMCO Group & Laraib developers & Associates. They have successfully completed numerous prominent projects with a joint venture. They are now ready to collaborate for the silver city Rawalpindi.

The design silver city is expected to be a jewel in the crown of Islamabad or Rawalpindi. Developers have done a thorough planning to create an outstanding development of a high-quality housing project with the best roads infrastructure. Living in the silver city will mean that you don’t have to drag your Honda Civic through dirt and mud while getting home from work. Silver city’s housing plan covers a large area of land and will be further divided into three main sectors.

Silver city has the following divisional sectors:

  • Sector A
  • Sector B
  • Sector C

The housing scheme offers three residential and two commercial plot sizes.

Residential Plot Sizes:

  • 5 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Commercial Plot Sizes:

These plots can be used to build your dream business or for personal use.

  • 3 Marla
  • 4 Marla

Silver City Payment Plan – 2022:

New payment plans were introduced by the silver city, which will take effect from January 2022. Rates will rise as the housing scheme is still in its rapid construction phase. Book now for 20% down payment and the remaining amount in 48-month installments.

  • 5 Marla – 23,00,000./-
  • 10 Marla – 42,000,000/-
  • 1 Kanal – 80,00,000/-

Master Plan for Silver City Islamabad:

Good housing societies in Pakistan have a number of top qualities. These include infrastructure and planning. Modern architecture is one of the key components that makes a housing society attractive to customers.

People from rural areas, as well as other cities that have less facilities, are moving to urban areas with all the modern amenities they need. This is why properties are becoming more expensive. Housing societies offer the best option for those who want to live in quiet, pollution-free places in cities.


Silver city features:

Developers plan to make silver city Islamabad a dream project. Its central location will make it a great choice. Below are the best features of this housing scheme:

  • Business centers
  • CCTV cameras monitoring
  • Security guards
  • Environment that is eco-friendly
  • Clean Society
  • Gated community with boundary wall
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Education centers
  • Sewage system
  • Sport areas
  • Recreational activities
  • Underground electricity wiring
  • Gas and clean water
  • Graveyard
  • Community center
  • Facilities for health
  • 24 hour emergency room
  • Planned carpeted main boulevards and roads
  • Walk-ways for pedestrians

Book Now:

You can always count on our professional team to answer your questions and help you decide where to invest. Our head office is located in Blue Area. The following documents are required for booking:

  • 2 passport size pictures
  • NICOP for clients overseas
  • 2 CNIC copies for next-of-kin
  • 2 copies of the Citizen National Identity Card (CNIC)

To make maximum profits in a short time, invest your hard-earned cash in the Silver City Housing Scheme. Sky Marketing is an authorized Silver City dealer. Contact us for more information.

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Silver city Rawalpindi Features:

It is crucial to find the perfect housing plan that has all the features you need to purchase land. Sky Marketing has compiled a list that will attract the best buyers. This is a list with the most attractive features that will make Silver City Housing Scheme Rawalpindi more attractive:

  • Healthy living in an eco-friendly environment
  • For religious practices, a large Jamia Masjid
  • Socializing and getting to know each other at a community center
  • To keep the air fresh and clean, green belts are made with trees and plants
  • Parks are great places to take your kids for a walk or bring them along to play in the evening
  • To ensure that children are physically developed, a sports complex has been built
  • Hospitals that offer 24/7 emergency services will be able to provide you with the best possible care for your family
  • Carpeted roads will protect your vehicle from any damage

Silver city Road Structure

A bumpy road can make a person tired when they go home from work. Choose a location with good roads and infrastructure when buying property. The Silver City Islamabad developers have created a road plan that addresses each block in the community. The main boulevard and streets are beautifully designed to create a wide and spacious roadside appearance.

Gated Housing Scheme:

Many people are concerned about the security of their living spaces. Silver city addresses this concern for its clients. Gated communities in Pakistan are considered safe housing communities. For security reasons, housing societies employ professionally trained security guards at all entry points and exit points of the society.

They are enclosed by boundary walls or border fences. The silver city Islamabad is another example. Many housing societies have strict entry policies. Visitors must show proof of identity and obtain approval before they can enter the block or society.

Although these restrictions can be annoying at times, they are essential to protect residents from criminals and beggars. Traffic inside the community is also reduced by preventing people from entering unnecessarily.

Eco-friendly environment:

Eco-friendly societies are housing schemes that have been developed or are in the development phase. An eco-friendly house refers to a house that has a low environmental impact and is built using technology and materials that are less carbon-intensive and use less energy. 

After the completion phase, the silver city will be an eco-friendly community that uses all sustainable and eco-friendly approaches.

Housing societies in the vicinity of Islamabad’s Silver City:

These are the locations of housing societies and landmarks in the vicinity of Islamabad’s silver city.

  • Top City-1
  • Nova City
  • Qurtaba City
  • Blue World City
  • Capital Smart City

Book your appointment:

We love to serve our clients. Call us at the numbers listed on Sky Marketing website to ask any questions or for assistance. Our head office is located in Blue Area Islamabad. The following documents are required for booking:

  • 2 passport size pictures
  • NICOP for clients overseas
  • 2 CNIC copies for next-of-kin
  • 2 copies of the Citizen National Identity Card (CNIC)

To maximize your profits, invest your hard-earned cash in Silver City Islamabad. Sky Marketing is an authorized Silver City dealer. For more information, please call us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the NOC-approved society silver city Islamabad approved?

Ans. Yes, the Rawalpindi Development Authority has approved the NOC for Silver City Islamabad. This housing society is ideal for foreign Pakistani investors who wish to invest in Rawalpindi or Islamabad. You can verify NOC on the official RDA website.

2. What societies are located near the Rawalpindi silver city housing scheme?

Ans. CBR phase 2, Al-Haram City and Top 1 City are all close to Silver City Islamabad.

3. What are the benefits of both short-term and longer-term investments?

Ans. Silver City Islamabad is the best option for investors looking for the best investment opportunity. This real estate investment is best for long-term and short-term returns.

4. Is Islamabad a silver city near New International Airport?

Ans. People who invest now will benefit from the ring road Rawalpindi and New International Airport as nearby places, which will allow them to increase their profits.

5. Why Silver City Islamabad is best?

Ans. This is a great opportunity to invest in Silver City Islamabad as the housing society will offer many amenities for residents. Silver City is a safe investment that will continue to be profitable.