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Should Tyler Have Been Disqualified from This ‘Big Brother 20’ Head of Household Competition?

The “BB County Fair” arrived on “Big Brother 20” on Thursday, Aug. 30, as this week’s Head of Household competition. Each houseguest (except outgoing Head of Household Angela Rummans) stood on a small disc suspended by a hanging rope. During the competition, they were spun into a pie oozing cherry liquid, which caused them to spin more. They were also bombarded with squirting ketchup and mustard, and a flurry of chicken feathers. The last houseguest remaining overall became the new Head of Household.

The challenge took place just hours following the re-entry of the previously evicted Scottie Salton. During this BB County Fair contest, Scottie would be the third to fall, leaving his fate to ally Haleigh Broucher to try to win this crucial challenge.

After an hour, Haleigh would outlast everyone but Tyler Crispen. But a hard smash into the cherry pie caused Haleigh to lose her grip from the rope and she fell to the mat below her. Thus, Tyler became Head of Household.

Or did he?

During the episode that recapped this challenge (which originally aired on CBS on Sep. 2), Kaycee Clark relayed one specific rule of BB County Fair from the Diary Room: each person must keep one foot on the disc at all times. This rule eliminated Scottie and Kaycee, as both lost their footing and wound up sitting on the discs.

But several screen captures and clips from the challenge (which aired live on CBS All Access and Pop TV) caught Tyler using the rope to lift himself while adjusting his spot. Clearly, both of his feet were off his disc — an evident rules violation.

Therefore, Haleigh — who was outnumbered and needed to win this challenge — should have been the Head of Household, by default.

But the producers have not overruled the result.

Since he became HoH, Tyler had nominated Haleigh and Scottie. Both nominees failed to win the Power of Veto, so they remained on the chopping block.

REALvegas4sure, the ‘Big Brother’ insider’s Twitter handle, indicated that “it seems highly unlikely Tyler will be stripped of HOH.”