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‘Big Brother 20’ Power Rankings for Week 9: Welcome Back Juror

Spoiler Warning: The following article details some of the events of the past week that either have not been showcased on past CBS episodes or may air in a future CBS episode.

We all saw this coming: Faysal earned his comeuppance getting nominated for eviction after his week chock full of awful moves as Head of Household. Lucky for him, this week’s Battle Back may just be his savior but will it be enough to break the formidable Level Sixers?

In addition to the power rankings, I’ll be including each houseguest’s chances to win the top prizes of $500,000 and $50,000, from a scale of 1:1 (best) to 10:1 (worst)…

With the ninth eviction on perennial CBS summer favorite “Big Brother 20” coming tonight, here is the scoop (thru August 30 which is Day #72 in the house) on the remaining 8 houseguests:

1. Tyler Crispen
Odds to win $500,000: 3:1
Odds to win $50,000: 3:1

With his girl Angela earning Head of Household, and the targets being the final two from the FOUTTE alliance this past week, it was smooth sailing for Tyler. Furthermore, while waiting for the lengthy veto challenge to be completed on Saturday night, Tyler made it be clearly known to Brett that their Final-Two deal is solid. While that brings the number of his Final-Two deals to six and may ultimately become his downfall — five of those players may talk in the jury house and get ticked off by these multiple deals — it has worked splendidly for his current position. Tyler remains a threat in challenges, placing second in the recent Head of Household contest. However, his name has not been considered as a nominee in the near future… by anyone, including the one-time hacker that had previously nominated him, Haleigh!

2. Kaycee Clark
Odds to win $500,000: 4:1
Odds to win $50,000: 4:1

Kaycee defeated fellow football receiver Faysal by one mere point to win veto and preserve Angela’s nominees on the block. Her relatively quiet nature has been effective to-date. She hasn’t offended anyone in the house nor jury, her challenge prowess has begun to show itself, she’s part of a solid alliance and the target sights are set on several others. She may just go all the way to the end and win the grand prize.

3. Brett Robinson
Odds to win $500,000: 5:1
Odds to win $50,000: 4:1

Brett became the go-to counsel this week for an emotional Haleigh (due to her frustrations with Faysal) and a suddenly-scrambling JC, who stepped his strategy talks with Brett of late. It remains to be seen if he will remain loyal to Tyler’s Final Two deal, or uses Haleigh and/or JC as assets to move forward in the game. For certain, he would not enjoy the re-entry of Bayleigh or Rockstar — the two houseguests he openly skewered in his goodbye messages to each of them.

4. Angela Rummans
Odds to win $500,000: 5:1
Odds to win $50,000: 5:1

The season’s first repeat Head of Household made the move she had to make for the sake of her Level Six alliance: nominating Haleigh and Faysal for eviction. But her reputation took a hit with the former FOUTTEs (and eventual jurors) by being the one to nominate them, breaking their newly-formed couples alliance. It would’ve benefited Angela more if Brett or Kaycee had been Head of Household to name the same two people for eviction.

What also may cost her endgame is her brewing showmance with Tyler. They haven’t gotten as openly romantic like Haleigh and Faysal have. They constantly hide their mutual cuddling and snuggling, but their coupling hasn’t gone unnoticed. With the impending Jury Battle Back and a Double Eviction thereafter, Angela may see the jury house sooner than expected.

5. JC Monduix
Odds to win $500,000: 5:1
Odds to win $50,000: 5:1

JC enjoyed playing “puppet master” to Faysal last week and was instrumental in getting Scottie evicted. But when trying to use the same “master” tactics with Tyler, he hit a figurative wall. JC was ticked off at Tyler getting too close to Angela, and expressed a desire to split up Angela and Kaycee — both notions Tyler has dismissed. These thoughts may just be the things to distance Tyler and JC enough for JC to be targeted sooner than later; a scenario that Angela would find satisfactory.

In hindsight, JC should’ve guided then-Head of Household Faysal to target Angela instead.

Despite JC not desiring to work with anyone from original FOUTTE outside of Faysal, the upcoming Battle Back of the jurors (something JC has repeatedly stated wouldn’t happen this year) may just be what his game needs. Some of those in Level Six (Angela, especially) are increasingly pondering the notion of soon evicting JC. With a FOUTTE member re-entering the house, though, Level Six would be distracted in the short term.

6. Sam Bledsoe
Odds to win $500,000: 9:1
Odds to win $50,000: 8:1

You know someone’s out of their depth when after two months in, they declare they’re finally going to play ‘Big Brother’. It’s what Sam declared as she suggested to then-Head of Household Faysal to name his girl Haleigh as a replacement nominee. Her odd behavior has been a turn-off for the houseguests, including those in the Level Six alliance and she’ll likely be moving to the jury house within the next three weeks.

7. Haleigh Broucher
Odds to win $500,000: 9:1
Odds to win $50,000: 7:1

Haleigh knew it was wrong for Faysal to target her ally Scottie, but she was more enabling of Faysal’s decision than what had been shown on CBS. This week, she paid a huge cost for that enabling and got herself nominated for eviction. It has been an unfortunate past several weeks for her and her alliance, and it’ll continue to get worse as she’ll lose Faysal. The only good news is she’ll either keep Faysal or gain Scottie, Rockstar or Bayleigh as an ally in the coming week.

8. Faysal Shafaat
Odds to win $500,000: 10:1
Odds to win $50,000: 10:1

Faysal’s allies continued to exit the house this summer, but in lieu of targeting those definitively responsible for those exits, he decided his fellow ally but rival for Haleigh’s affections (Scottie) had to go in one of the worst HOH reigns in ‘Big Brother’ history. Faysal realized the many errors of his game but way too late.

Because of his dominance at the slip-and-slide Head of Household challenge and near-win at the most recent Veto challenge, Faysal will be evicted. Those same aspects that made him a threat also make him a top contender to return at the Battle Back.

As for the jurors’ chances of impacting the game upon re-entry…

Faysal Shafaat

With Faysal now better knowing the dynamics of the house (finally!), he’d ultimately go after those who betrayed him — Angela and Tyler. Kaycee and Brett may even get some of that shrapnel. Faysal has made many blunders this summer. However, he has the best potential to win future challenges and to disrupt the four from Level Six.

Scottie Salton

Scottie’s likely targets are Brett, Angela and Kaycee but considering he may still be smitten with Haleigh, he might be convinced to get out who she’d like to target: Sam.

Angie “Rockstar” Lantry

Rockstar would have least impact on the current proceedings. Her No. 1 nemesis is, without a doubt, Brett, but could she do anything about getting rid of him? Doubtful, for Rockstar was winless at every challenge she had participated in (of course, one of those contests she had infamously helped Tyler win which led to her own eviction). The likelihood of her breaking through the current Level Six foursome is near nil, while the chances of a quick re-exit is extremely high.

Bayleigh Dayton

A Bayleigh re-entry would not be good news for Tyler, Angela and Brett. But her chances to win upcoming challenges are iffy, and any plan of hers to get her targets out of the house would have little chance to come to fruition.

Tidbit: No previously-evicted ‘Big Brother’ houseguest has ever returned to the house finishing better than fourth place (Amy on ‘Big Brother 3’ in 2002) for the season.