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Similarities Between Football Betting and Esports Betting

The recent surge in esports betting has caught many gamblers slightly off-guard but it came as no surprise to leading bookmakers. The signs have been there for some time now. As interest in the top esports competitions grew, so too did the prize money. Major TV stations and live streaming sites soon ramped up their coverage in response.

It was always only a matter of time before the gambling sector cut off their slice of the action. The leading online betting sites increased their coverage of esports betting in recent times and that move paid off in the early part of 2020, when sports fixtures were thin on the ground.

Esports football bridges the gap

Esports betting, especially on games like Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Call of Duty was alien and even a tad scary to bettors who were used to gambling on traditional sports, such as horse racing, football, greyhounds, tennis, and cricket. Man noticed the rise in popularity of esports and picked out the betting value but didn’t quite know how to get involved.

That’s where esports football betting helped bridge the gap. Many of the most famous teams from across planet football, including several English Premier League sides, now boast an esports team. These players are sent to represent the club around the world, paid handsomely for their time. When checking out the betting options offered by bookies, football gamblers will notice many similarities exist between football betting and esports betting.

Below are some markets you may recognize. These are offered on football and esports football and work the same across both. Playing these markets will serve as an introduction to esports betting, limiting the risk posed to your stake. The markets listed below are available to bet on with most bookmakers – including VulkanBet – and are offered pre-match and in-play at the top sites and apps.

Match winner

This is the simplest form of betting on an esports football match. All you are doing here is making your prediction on which team will win the match. You’ll see the odds offered next to each selection. Simply click the link to add a selection to your bet slip. Add a stake and confirm the bet. It really is that simple. If your team does as you expect, you’ll land a profit.


Many esports leagues and tournaments throw up one-sided matches where most followers know how the result is going to go before the game is played. The odds on the favorite team are low and usually not worth betting on. That’s where handicap betting comes into play. If a team is expected to win at a canter, they will have a goals handicap. For example, -1 goal or -2 goals, -3 goals if you are super confident. For this bet to win, your selection must win the match and cover the handicap.

Half-Time/Full Time

Another market that’s popular in both football and esports football. This also works best when betting on a match with a strong favourite. With the HT/FT bet you are predicting the result at both half time and full time. Both must be correct for the wager to be paid out as a winner. Let’s see an example…

Team A vs Team B.
Your half time/full tine bet is Draw HT/Team A FT

That means you are predicting the game to be level at the half time whistle but for Team A to go on and win the contest. This is more difficult than simply predicting the winning team, but the betting odds are usually well worth aiming at.