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The Best Cable TV Alternatives in 2020

People had stayed loyal to cable TV services for a long time before they finally decided they’ve had enough of the consistently rising bills. Even though the bills keep rising, there’s not much improvement at the broadcast end, nor are there any additional benefits available for long term customers. We’re not saying all providers are the same as it can be seen that Spectrum packages offer great value for money by offering up to 200+ channels for the high tier cable TV offer. But a great number of providers in the industry are just stealing people’s money to be precise.

This has resulted in people searching for alternatives to cable TV resulting in large numbers cutting the cord and opting for streaming services instead. These services are of two types. One kind offers huge libraries of on-demand content that includes movies and TV shows accessible to subscribers at any time and for a very economical rate. The other type offers live TV accessible through your internet connection by using the channel’s app. You are able to watch your favorite channel’s programming at anytime and anywhere on whichever device you please.

These services started very small but with people already tired of their cable TV services, these services quickly gained popularity, which has been rising in the year 2020 even further. So let’s look at the top-rated streaming services available for a subscription right now.

Netflix, the giant of the industry had humble beginnings. It started by renting out and selling DVD movies that were delivered to peoples’ homes through the mail. Since the service went digital it has gained millions of users throughout the world and has truly given cable TV services a run for their money. It’s reasonable pricing plans and an extensive content library continues to attract subscribers through the U.S. as well as the rest of the world. The company offers you 30 days free trial to pull you in and then hooks you with the amazing service it provides. This strategy has helped Netflix become a staple streaming service in millions of households.

Offering a wide variety of classics and original content Hulu has been gaining popularity quickly and rightly so. They run their service with a no-contract no, no cancellation fee policy. Something rarely found among cable TV providers. There are several live TV packages with plenty of content for sports fans. Some packages can be a bit pricey but you can always choose something that fits your budget and entertainment needs. With its live TV and video-on-demand services available throughout the U.S. Hulu has gained millions of subscribers all over the country.

Yes, our favorite premium channel has a streaming app now. This app offers all of HBO’s original content as well as the channel programs and movies on demand. You can access documentaries, sports, and whatnot. Since it’s launch, HBO Now has never disappointed its subscribers by consistently providing quality service to millions of Americans.

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We know how devoted Disney has been over the years providing entertainment to our little ones around the world. The world would be so bleak if our beloved entertainment company didn’t exist. Several generations of children believing in fairies, dwarfs, and elves would have nothing to dream about. With a massive library of original content, compatibility with all major operating systems, and economical prices, it is no surprise that the service gained millions of subscribers right at the beginning. Seems like a wave of the fairy godmother’s wand to me.

That’s right, our trustworthy shopping platform has ventured into the streaming business as well. With business expertise and foresight that the people at Amazon possess, it can be safely said that streaming services are the “it” thing of today. Amazon had already been producing original content so it only made sense to have a streaming service as well. The service offers movies and TV shows on-demand alongside Amazon’s original content. There’s also an added advantage of subscribing to Amazon Prime, you receive several discounts like free shipping and much more. Amazon has become a household name in the online shopping industry and with the quality of service they provide for their streamers, they surely will become a household name in the streaming industry.

Sling TV is not like other on-demand services. It offers live television to its subscribers that includes several major channels like Epix, Starz, Cinemax, Showtime, HBO, etc. You can watch all your favorite programming as it is broadcasted if prime time is your thing. However, the DVR service that’s included with the streaming service allows you to record all your favorite shows that you’d like to watch later. It is available in the U.S and Puerto Rico and is accessible on the majority of your smart devices. With the ever-growing channel line up, Sling TV has won the hearts of millions in a short span of time.

If I can trust YouTube for my DIYs and art tutorials, I can trust it for my TV channels. YouTube offers a wide range of over 70 channels for live streaming at very reasonable prices that also include a cloud DVR. However, knowing YouTube for being an overachiever, they also went on to provide video on demand as well as over the top internet television to their subscribers. YouTube has always lived up to our expectations as a video search engine and it is indeed living up to our expectations as a streaming service too.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been choking because of your cable bills and didn’t know what other options you had, then now you know. You may want to negotiate some kind of deal with your cable provider that would bring the bill down to a reasonable amount before deciding to cut the cord. However, if your provider refuses to help relieve your stress, then you can go ahead and choose from these streaming services as per your needs.