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Smart Education Apps and Websites as a Trend of 2020

Contemporary education requires a student to make great efforts and face many challenges. The rhythm of life becomes hectic, the volume of material and information to learn, and the process seems incredible. In the world where access to any content is free, it’s hard not to get lost and select relevant and useful material for learning.

The digital era empowers us with solutions that simplify the process of learning and make it engaging. Do you agree when you feel interested and motivated to absorb more information and memorize it easier? We are firmly convinced that recent researches and advances in technology must be integrated into the educational process. Many university and college professors use gadgets and apps to diversify activities and involve students by stimulating them to participate in different games, debates, competitions. Outside the classroom, you can use any educational app or website that you consider appropriate and useful. We decided to save your time and have already made a list of must-use sources that will help you to improve academic performance. Are you ready to take notes?


Babbel is a perfect option for those who are willing to learn and practice foreign languages. The app offers a user-friendly interface, exciting tasks, and topics. Grammar rules exposed in simple words, vocabulary supported by images and illustrations, synonyms and antonyms exercises, translation, and spelling activities, guarantee the result. Dedicate 15 minutes a day to each lesson and track your progress. By the way, here you can learn almost all world languages. Download it, choose a subscription plan, and get rid of the language barrier.


Just imagine reading a whole book in 15 minutes? Sounds impossible, but Blinkist made it real. You will find more than 2500 non-fiction books, business literature, audio versions, and an option to combine it with text. Each book is divided into most relevant parts by literate experts. Somebody could claim that reading critiques and summaries don’t allow them to enjoy the entire book’s richness. Nevertheless, it can inspire and motivate them to learn more things, especially when you are an avid reader but can’t dedicate enough time for your favorite hobby.


An endless source of inspiring ideas, motivating speeches, and relevant cutting-edge materials. A multidisciplinary platform covering issues of technology, science, design, communication, business, innovations, health, etc., allows you to learn by listening to others’ experiences. Leading experts share their ideas, insights concerning the latest events, concepts, investigations, etc.


A community of professional authors created an outstanding to help students writing essays. You will find useful tips and recommendations for editing, formatting, and material searching. The platform offers a ghostwriting option on almost all subjects for students who lack time but need to keep a high level of academic performance. Check it!


This platform offers online courses on a variety of subjects taught by professors of leading universities and colleges. Dealing with engineering, computer, and data science, marketing, humanities, medicine, etc., Coursera gives you a unique opportunity to listen to outstanding scientists’ lectures, study using the latest education approaches, and get an official certificate that proves your knowledge, isn’t it great?


A professional writing service,, focuses on essay editing and writing. You can experience hire an essay writer with many years of experience that can fulfill any essay, paper, dissertation, scientific article, etc. You can also find useful articles concerning the writing, material search, and analysis of sources.

You can hire an essay writer.


Duolingo is one of the most popular online apps for learning foreign languages designed to make more accessible communication, develop cognitive skills, and overpass the language barrier. College and university students can use this app as a perfect career booster tool. Enjoy the process of learning.


A digital community that helps students to handle academic assignments by sharing information. You can find interactive flashcards, exciting internships and jobs, and an online library with past exams and study materials. In free access, there are online courses on different subjects taught by the best university professors.

EssayWritingService is one of the best online platforms that help students to handle tons of homework. Professionals from different fields of science are ready to assist with accomplishing each type of academic assignment. The service offers a student’s draft editing option, providing them with useful advice to improve the quality of the paper and writing from scratch in compliance with all the requirements and formats mentioned by the student.


Chegg is a Californian educational website that provides rental of physical and digital notes for students. There is an option of scholarship and internship search—tips for advanced writing, math solver tools, and millions of homework answers.


If you are keen on computers, this platform will satisfy your curiosity. Learn how to build a website, analyze data, experience writing real working codes, and test them immediately. At the same time, the site offers an opportunity to use acquired knowledge on practice, and who knows, maybe you to find here your future employer.


The purpose of edX is to use education to unite humanity against inequality. Here you can find online courses from the best US Universities. There are computer science, languages, data science, business & management, engineering, and humanities among key subjects available on the website. Each course includes online interactive tools that make you even more curious about the learning process.


The Brilliant app focuses on helping students to develop quantitative skills in math, science, and computer science. A unique approach for concept description and problem-solving motivates the thinking process and allows us to see science in a new way. Learn more about the neural network to recognize handwritten digits, gain faultless intuition from nuts and bolts of geometry, or find new ways of looking at humankind’s enigmas.


KhanAcademy focuses on providing free education for learners, teachers, and parents. Verified content materials about math, science, humanities, and other subjects crafted by leading professors. A more personal online, face-to-face approach allows students to study at their own pace and understand the essence of concepts and fill existing knowledge gaps.

Smarten your learning approach, follow our recommendations, be more productive, and improve your academic performance.

Plainmath is a free math encyclopedia. They collect and put together all unsolved math problems and show solutions to them so that students can learn and understand them. The primary goal is to enrich the education process with clear and accessible examples.