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‘SNL’: Law Student Gets Hooked on Browsing Through TikTok

In a recorded segment on the April 16, 2022 edition of NBC’s “SNL” (“Saturday Night Live“), a law student, in the middle of studying for his LSAT exam, found himself browsing through TikTok.

There were a variety of videos including a guy (Kenan Thompson) dancing in his kitchen, a guy named Tony (Kyle Mooney) cooking eggs, a lady (Chloe Fineman) performing an acting exercise, rapper T.I. (Chris Redd) doing stand-up, rapper Lizzo relaying her favorite curse words, a grandma (Kate McKinnon) repeatedly getting pranked by an air horn, and the law student’s father (James Austen Johnson) constantly crawling around the house.

Watch the TikTok ft. Lizzo skit from “SNL” in its entirety below: