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‘SNL’: Melodramatic Couple Rami Malek and Aidy Bryant Go Mattress Shopping

In a skit on the October 16, 2021 edition of NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” Richard (Rami Malek) and Denise (Aidy Bryant) go to a mattress store called “Sleepy Town USA”.

As they test out the beds, the couple enact several role-playing scenes of their personal lives, observed in astonishment by the mattress salesman (Bowen Yang). Richard yelled at her with various utterances such as “Am I on trial, you nagging shrew?” and “Oh really? You’ve been tired for a month!” Meanwhile, Denise interjected that she almost fell asleep in one of the store’s soft beds, to which the salesman replied, “No. You guys were, like, doing a little play.

To conclude their mattress search, Richard pretends to shoot an imaginary intruder with a handgun. Denise advises, “No, no. Not that gun. Get the killing gun!“. And then, she hands him a rifle from under the bed’s pillow.

Watch the hilarious Sleepy Town beds skit in its entirety below: