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Some Points You Need to Know if You Want to Be a Successful Musician

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When it comes to carrying out a musical project in an independent way, here are some career pointers that applies to all artists.


Practice should be a constant every day part of your life. The more you practice, the more you perfect your playing. Focus on one thing and you will become a special musician. This mainly includes the selection of genres and markets to which you are targeting. Do not pretend to do everything at the same time. You need to focus. You need to focus on one thing, before moving on to other things. Thousands of bands are put together every day on the planet, but there are few that bring together the perfect combination of talent, personality, charisma and good music.

Be patient

Be patient, good projects sometimes take years trying to consolidate, everything is a search, do not get carried away by the banal guidelines of some media and concentrate on doing things well. Do not be engulfed by praise, nor be depressed by destructive criticism, gather everything and analyze if you are on the right track, so you will achieve a musical personality and self-esteem always on the fight to continue in the fight.

Use the right platform to grow: PurpleThrone

As an indie musician, of course you can’t just contact well-known music labels to be published. You have to find another way. Recording your own music and then uploading it on various social media especially YouTube is a great idea. But that’s not enough!

You may need a platform to grow. One platform that can be recommended is PurpleThrone. This is an online music streaming platform that supports independent artists by paying royalties in relatively larger amounts than other platforms. This platform pays by a cryptocurrency mechanism called PurpleCoin (PPC). PurpleThrone operates with a focus on long-term financial returns for artists and PurpleCoin Medal holders. PurpleCoin is stored in the user’s digital wallet and can be monitored at any time.

This cryptocurrency is designed to make everyone who owns it feel valuable, excited about making progress. This is the official exchange tool on the PurpleThrone platform for all the facilities needed to host indie music concerts, buy music, invest, and so on. Through this cryptocurrency everyone can invest in the development of indie music, both as a musician and as an audience. PurpleThrone is a fast growing company. This is an opportunity for anyone to invest in PPC because as the company grows rapidly, the higher the value of PPC is recorded.

As a musician you can benefit from the PurpleThrone ecosystem. This ecosystem is constantly growing and the circulation of PPC allows royalty payments. You can interact with your music enthusiasts in an environment where each party involved helps each other in an honest, transparent flow of transactions while maintaining privacy. If you’re interested in purchasing your PurpleCoin medallion, head over to


The development of technology has made it easier for many “new musicians” to achieve their dreams. You have to make sure you are mentally prepared and use the right platform for your career development. All are related to each other and cannot be completely ignored.