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5 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your First Date

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Getting ready for the first date, we carefully choose the perfect outfit and look forward to the long-awaited evening in the company of a new beauty. Sometimes this excitement indeed turns out to be so strong that it makes us do things that can seriously ruin the most flawless evening. We analyze the main mistakes people make on the first date and find out how to avoid them.

1. Alcohol

Perhaps the most dangerous item on the list of mistakes on the first date. Whatever jitters you feel when dating a Slavic woman from site, alcohol is not the best way to cope with it: if you lose control over the number of portions of “sedative,” you risk waking up the next morning at best with a headache, and at worst — with a feeling of shame and a great desire to erase yesterday rendezvous from your memory. So, limit yourself to a glass of good wine, and to calm your nerves, remind yourself more often that your partner is probably as worried as you are.

2. Ordering the Right Food

This point can be ignored if you do not suffer from perfectionism and are confident enough in yourself. For those who certainly want to make a perfect impression, it is recommended to choose options that are extremely aesthetic and easy to use. It makes sense to give up pasta (you must admit that eating it beautifully — an art that requires virtuoso skill), as well as any dishes that are eaten with your hands (for example, french fries or chicken wings). And, of course, read the descriptions on the menu carefully — dishes containing garlic are inappropriate on the first date by default.

3. Speaking About the Ex

This item continues to lead in the list of most popular mistakes people make on first dates. Someday you may tell your companion about your first love, and how your ex-girlfriend broke your heart, and how you almost got married after a summer fling — someday, but not now. It is worth postponing with questions about the ex-lovers of your chosen one. Focus on each other tonight — you definitely don’t need the ghosts of the past on your first date.

4. Spending Too Much Time With Your Phone

An issue not so much related to dating as to secular etiquette in principle, but worth mentioning nonetheless. Even if you are used to not letting your smartphone out of your hands, every hour delighting your Instagram subscribers with new selfies and pictures of food — try at least for the time of the date to put your dearly beloved gadget in the far pocket and devote all your attention to your companion. And let the whole world wait.

5. Taking Everything Too Seriously

Excitement, thrill, and anticipation of a pleasant evening should not be mixed with tension and the desire for total control — you hardly want to be like the ones who print a list of topics for conversation… Treat the first date as a game — unpredictable, exciting, and enjoyable, do not make global plans, and most importantly — enjoy the moment.