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Some Things to Consider When You’re Going to Buy an Ebike

Some things to consider when you’re going to buy an ebike

The electric bicycle is a means of transport that continues to grow in popularity due to all the advantages it offers. Even today, more and more children prefer to ride a small electric bike over a conventional bike.

In this article we explain everything you should take into account when buying one, as well as four recommended models.

Pedal assistance or motorcycle-type accelerator

First of all, we need to understand the legislation of electric bikes that can be classified into two main groups: bicycles with assisted pedaling and bicycles with an accelerator similar to that of a motorcycle.

In the case of electric bicycles with assisted pedaling, the regulations indicate that they can be equipped with an auxiliary electric motor, with a maximum continuous nominal power of 250W, which will gradually decrease as speed increases, until the motor stop operation at 25 km / h. 

Autonomy and battery type

The battery is the component that will be responsible for powering the electric bicycle, so it is a very important part of it. The battery can be integrated into the frame or be removable, each design having its advantages and disadvantages.

The removable batteries have the great advantage that we can take a spare unit with us, so that if we run out of power halfway, we will only have to change it to keep going. Another advantage is that it is very easy to replace it when it has degraded due to the passage of time and use.

The downside to this design is that it is aesthetically less attractive than an integrated battery, plus it will be less protected from shocks, dust and rain. We can also mention the possibility of the battery being stolen if it can be removed without the need for tools.

We now turn to see the batteries integrated into the frame of the electric bicycle. These have the advantage of being much more integrated into the body of the bike, making them almost indistinguishable from a normal bike. You will also be much more protected from the possible damages that you may suffer. The fundamental disadvantage is that we will not be able to replace it in a simple way.

The other relevant aspect of a battery is its capacity and autonomy. Today’s batteries are made with lithium-ion and their capacity is measured in mAh or Ah in the case of the largest ones. Higher capacity batteries can reach 10,000 mAh or even more. The higher this figure, the more autonomy the bike will have.

It is true that the autonomy also depends on other factors such as the weight of the driver, the efficiency of the engine or the slope of the terrain, but the previous rule is something very important to take into account. The normal thing is that the bicycle offers a range of between 30 and 50 km, although there are models that even reach 80 km if the user is not very heavy and does not drive on steep slopes.

Motor location

Electric bike manufacturers basically use two places to put the motor: on the rear wheel or on the axle of the bike. The motor located in the axle of the bike makes it feel more natural to handle, more similar to what it would be to drive a normal bike without a motor. These types of motors use a torque movement sensor, which makes the bike start as soon as you push the pedal with your foot. This design is common on road or mountain bikes, as they allow a much faster start to get going as soon as possible.

On the other hand, electric bikes with the motor on the rear wheel work with a motion sensor, which requires the user to make at least half a turn of the wheel to start working, this means that its operation is not so immediate. These types of bikes are more suitable for the urban environment, as they will help us avoid accidental accelerations that can endanger other people.

Folding bike or not

There are folding electric bicycles that can be stored much more easily as they take up very little space, these models are usually all terrain ebike of the urban type.

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