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Stephen Colbert Opens ‘The Late Show’ with Commentary on CBS CEO Les Moonves

At the start of the July 30 edition of “The Late Show”, host Stephen Colbert addressed the sexual harassment allegations made against CBS CEO Les Moonves in an New Yorker magazine exposé from July 27.

Colbert began, “I heard there was article about CBS chairman and man I hope isn’t watching tonight’s monologue, Les Moonves.”

After a clip of news coverage indicated that the New Yorker article was written by Ronan Farrow – the former MSNBC host and current columnist who had also exposed the various audio tapes of disgraced movie honcho Harvey Weinstein late last year — Colbert spits his coffee.

The host then quipped that CBS had issued an investigation into the claims against Moonves, but could have just used an in-house investigation from the new series “CSI: CEO.”

Shortly thereafter, at his desk, Colbert provided further commentary about the current status of the #MeToo movement, referring to a John F. Kennedy quote about revolutions, and liking working for Moonves but concluding “…accountability is meaningless, unless it’s for everybody, whether its the leader of a network or the leader of the free world.”

Earlier in the day, on CBS daytime program “The Talk“, Julie Chen – Les Moonves’ wife – stood by her tweeted comment about the situation (fully supporting her husband) and confirmed it would be her only public thought on the matter.