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‘Supergirl’ to Move to The CW Next Season

D.C. Comics Character to Join 'Arrow,' 'The Flash' and 'D.C.'s Legends of Tomorrow'

As rumored in recent weeks, CBS’ “Supergirl” will indeed move to the more compatible (and more cost effective) The CW for season two in 2016-17. “Supergirl” will join “Arrow,” “The Flash” and “D.C.’s Legends of Tomorrow” in the expanding DC superhero universe on The CW. And one of them, “The Flash,” already featured a crossover episode with “Supergirl” this season.

In addition, production of “Supergirl” will shift from Los Angeles to Vancouver, Canada where the aforementioned CW dramas all film. The number of episodes ordered has not been confirmed.


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  1. Freshman’s show’s move to CW trending on FB and twitter… Awesome… Bye Bye CBS… Hello, CW….

  2. 22 episodes confirmed ! CBS never knew what they had but if they wanna be known as the grandpa network Forever than so be it. Supergirl is way more at home at Young skewing network like CW

      • I am amazed by some of the stupidity by some people posting on TVBTN and spoilertv saying the show would not work without Chyler ect.. Are they living under a freakin rock. Chyler and the whole cast will be back so what in the hell are they babbling about LOL

        • Some people might have not been upto date on that the whole cast was going to be back. But did you notice the number of comments on both sites – over 700 on both sites! Awesome! Way More than a bunch of the other topics.

          • the only people i do not know if they are returning though is Winn and Jimmy Olsen these 2 actors have not said anything on social media yet and Facinelli just retweeted Melissa’s tweet about how happy she is going to the CW so i hope its conformation he will return. Jenna Dewan also favorited a tweet congratulating her so i assume she is also returning.

            • Let’s see if Jeremy and Mehcad say anything about season 2. I think they said the orig cast will be there. I guess we’ll find out about Peter and Jenna. If they aren’t going to Canada, no big deal for me.

                • Great news. I was wondering if she would go up there with her young child and being married to Channing tatum but if it’s 2-3 days a week, if necessary, then it should be good.

                  • Now jeremy has tweeted he is on board as well now only Mehcad and Peter needs to say something really hope Peter returns love him as Maxwell Lord

                    • Thanks. I ‘m glad Winn is going to be there. Since Fox didn’t pick up his pilot Zoobiquity, he might go too.

                    • He is. I’m happy with those who have signed already. If Mehcad and Peter don’t sign on, I won’t miss them.

                    • I will miss Peter Facinelli he could also bring a great deal of fans to CW i believe he has many fans from twilight

                    • That bitch assassin going at it again in 4 way crossover. Ugh what a piece of shit for an administrator he sound like a whining little boy. He is a disgrace to the spoilertv team.

                    • Not worried about it. I just ignore kike a few others have. He’s a hater and just has seen 2 eps. Well, good news is that he gets to hate for another season and hopefully many more. There are admins who like it too. Anyway, it looks like Mehcad is on noard but Calista may be ??. That worries me. I can still take her as a recurring char but if she’s gone, that upsets me.

                    • Yeah it will likely live on for 4-6 seasons very glad about that. But talk about childish behavior and that coming from an administrator he should be ashamed of himself.

                      Yeah i saw Mehcad was there i believe only Him and Melissa was there from the cast would have hoped for Chyler and Jeremy also.

                      i never really understood what was so great about Cat Grant anyway but to each there own i guess. The one i am worried about of who i do not know is coming back is Facinelli. He is brilliant as Max Lord

                    • I’m the opposite. I don’t care for Max. And just taking one season at a time. I thought season 2 was a shoo in and see what happened. I’m sure if Nina was still around things would have been different. I saw promos for their new shows and don’t care for any of them. Oh well. Yeah, thanks for the promo. I saw 2 were released- one for the crossover and one for sg.

                    • yeah liked the touch of the CW logo on her chest lol. Do you know when it will be start aring on CW sep or oct is there even a date set yet ?

                    • I haven’t heard of a date yet. I forget when flash and arrow started this year. I’ll have to look it up. Also all 4 cw superhero shows and the cw crossover event was trending fb! Awesome.

                    • Black spindae can’t set her pathetic hate for Supergirl a side. Only a lunatic or a hater hell not even haters would think that Supergirl is getting canceled after 2 full seasons. NO tv show has ever been canceled after 2 full seasons. Supergirl will have a long and productive life on CW. They went to all this to Secure Supergirl. Damn what a pathetic idiot or just plain stupid

                    • Haters will hate no matter what. Season2 gives more time for haters to hate. Could be jealousy? Who knows. I just find it funny esp since it’s for no real reason. And there have been shows canceled after 2 seasons- agent carter is a recent example…

                    • AC had did not have FULL seasons. No CW show has ever been canceled after 2 full seasons. And what logic is there to move it to Vancouver for just one season. This is long term for sure

                    • It might not be a 20-23 ep order but it was considered to be 2 seasons. Anyway, there are other shows that were cancelled in their second season so I’m not taking anything for granted. Did you see on Stv that the cw seems to have gone to a weaker station in chicago. Let’s see how that effects the ratings.

                    • But 19 episodes total for AC is not even 1 full season lol. And its true that CW has never canceled a show after 2 full seasons. Plus moving production to Vancouver is longterm would not make a lick of sense to do this move for just 1 season then they might have not even picked it up

                    • It depends now. Some shows on netflix/hulu and even cable have seasons of 10-13 episodes. 🙂 Anyway, after the whole CBS moving SG to the CW, I’m not taking anything for granted. Just one season at a time…. 🙂 TV line has some hopeful info about Calista being on season 2. Gives me hope that she is not gone from the show.
             (and I love what they named url of this web page considering they’re also discussing other shows on this page)…. Also the CW thing in Chicago doesn’t sound as bad as it’s sounds. No more being pre-empted for sports since WGN is becoming independent.

                    • Over at spoilertv you are arguing with the moron known as Ezio. This guy is beyond paranoid. There is noway the show gets scaled back either like Teng just confirmed on site Supergirl tv. And Chyler and David is not leaving either that is just so dumb to assume by this fool Ezio. They are regular cast members and the rock for Kara on the show. They are here to stay likely as long as the show is on likely 4-6 years.

                    • Yeah, well after CBS decided to dump their highest rated freshmen drama that was female oriented and geared to a younger crowd because of the so called fees to THE CW and came back and said we would have renewed it if the deal didn’t go through with THE CW. That is when I stopped believing anything is definite in what anybody says. Until I hear more news about them being definitely there for season 2 – most likely soon because they will have to start shooting for season 2 after comic con – prob mid July, I’m just taking it with a grain of salt.

                    • This Ezio guy again why does he keep saying Chyler is gonna get killed off and believing imdb is the dumbest thing they are wrong all the time. Fairley was listed for Game of thrones as hang woman. We all know how that turned out lol. There is no indication they are killing off Supergirls sister this relationship is the heart of the show even Benoist has said that. I really have no clue what this guys problem is. Have you seen his posts all about Chyler dying again and again. Not happening ever

                    • Don’t have HBO so I Don’t watch GOT so I don’t know what goes on there. Some people are hung up on a char. I don’t see them doing anything to the Danvers sisters either.

                    • Also don’t forget to vote for SG in the #ChoiceTVBreakoutShow category for choice teen awards.

      • Ugh that poster named Assassin is one big selfish piece of shit. The way that moron behave i hope one of his favorite shows gets cancelled. It would be cherry on top of Supergirls renewal 🙂

  3. The CW should leave it on Monday and use it as a lead-in to Riverdale. I would bump Crazy Ex-Girlfriend and Jane the Virgin to Friday.

    • Yes, I was thinking it should still stay on Mondays at 8:00 because the kids who watch would be in bed by 9.

  4. Is Flockhart staying with the show? The only reason they filmed in LA was because of her. Might be time for a retooling to bring it more in-line with CW’s current DC universe (and drop the never-seen Superman character).