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Swedish Casino License

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Online casino games are legal in Sweden. The gambling laws passed in 2018 allowed private casino operators to provide gambling services, moving away from the monopolistic nature before. However, online casino providers must obtain a valid license before providing gambling services. The Sweden Gaming Authority (SGA) is legally mandated to offer licenses to casino operators in the country. The SGA is also tasked with ensuring the gaming industry’s legality, safety, and reliability. The authority is known for high standards and strict monitoring, making its licenses among the most popular worldwide.

Licensing Requirements

Gaming providers looking to obtain Swedish casino licenses must fulfill several requirements to become eligible. For starters, any casino online targeting the Swedish market must prove their financial abilities to provide the services effectively and maintain all the standards set by the authority. They must also demonstrate integrity, which helps preserve the Swedish licenses’ reputation internationally. For example, applicants with criminal records or those with unpaid due debts are ineligible for a permit.

Some documents required in the application for Swedish casino licenses include notarized copies of passports, notarized copies of recent bills, bank references from the platform founders, and documents that prove the company does not have a history of criminal charges. The applicants must also provide their business plans and details of the gaming software and platforms they intend to use.

Swedish Casino License Fees

The license application fee charged by the SGA is relatively fair compared to other licensing authorities of the same standard. The actual amount varies based on several factors, such as the number of founders and the number of games to be provided. License applications can only be considered after the application fees are successfully paid. The SGA also charges a fee for supervision, which is invoiced after the authority decides to issue the license.

Application Process

Swedish casino license applications are made via the SGA web service. For that, applicants must attach a printed authorized signature to all documents that require signatures. Applications will then be given registration numbers, which the applicants must indicate on the payment slips or bank transfers.

Licensee Responsibilities

Online gambling operators with Swedish casino licenses are responsible for ensuring the safety of their customers. They must set up all security measures necessary to prevent fraud and cheating. They must also ensure all registered punters are 18 years or older. Licensees are also tasked with promoting responsible gambling. In addition, Swedish casino license holders are required to pay 18% of the profits they make as taxes to the Swedish government.