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Why Every Traveler Should Have Brazil on their Bucket List

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Brazil, the country that keeps blessing the world with creative soccer stars, is a country that every traveler should have on their bucket list. Many people who have reviewed its destinations have described it as ‘the happy country.’ Its sheer vastness makes it one of the most diverse destinations in the world.

Whether you want to be part of the carnival or just chill on the beach and visit onlineapostascombr recommended sites, there is something for you. Here are some hidden and not-so-hidden gems that should make you put Brazil on your travel bucket list.

Cristo Redentor (Christ The Redeemer), Rio De Janeiro

This is a statue that you have probably seen in pictures, but that does little justice to it. Seeing the 28-meter outstretch of arms is quite an intriguing experience. The statue looks over the country’s capital from 709 meters above. It stands atop the Corcovado, a point within the Tijuca National Park.

To get to the top, you take a rack railway for a distance of 3.5 kilometers. From here, you can drink in the breathtaking masterpiece that was completed in 1931. Within that area, you can also enjoy waterfalls, and springs, and watch beautiful birds and flora.

Iguacu Falls

This is part of the Iguacu river. It occurs where Brazil intersects with Argentina and Paraguay. The river warms up by constricting to a quarter of its normal size just before the falls, creating enough force to create 247 thunderous falls. The mental picture is hard to paint; you need to experience the falls which fall more than 100 meters below. One of the largest falls is called the Garganta do Diabo, The Devil’s Throat. The area is a UNESCO heritage site.


The pre-Lenten Carnaval is known for color and action. When you think of decoration, this is the place. It may appear like a huge beautiful mess from a distance, but this is a carefully planned and coordinated event. It is a happy party where even a newcomer is swallowed without discrimination. Dancers, musicians, and performers are on hand to ensure there is no dull moment throughout the street frenzy.

As earlier mentioned, the abundance of Brazil’s offerings is as vast as its size. Its gigantic coastline is full of beaches while its cities are always preparing for a carnival. For soccer lovers, you can be sure that you will have an exciting match to watch or take part in whether you are in the streets or at the beach.