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Technologies Used in Modern Casino Game Development

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Casino games are one of the most notable aspects of human culture. They are not only among the most popular forms of entertainment but have even evolved into sustainable careers for many people. The betting market is bigger than ever especially thanks to all the technological advancements that we have made over the years. This makes the casino business a very profitable venture.

The massive betting market is quite competitive. Lots of operators now offer gambling services and each is trying to be the best. For the consumers, selecting a great casino is key to getting the best experience. One way of choosing is by checking for the casino software developer that powers the casino platforms one is interested in.

The Top Casino Software Developers in 2021

Gambling operators must stand out to stay competitive. Choosing state-of-the-art software is a great way of doing that. Some of the best ones whose games we have tried out include:

Dragon Gaming – Launched in 2019, this brings a ton of fresh innovations to the sector. Dragon Gaming Casinos are among the most polished modern operators today. Not only are its games filled with amazing features but they also have a unique modern touch.

Microgaming – Being one oldest game developers in the industry, Microgaming has built up quite the reputation. Its games are offered by many of the leading casino brands. These include top-notch slots and table games.

NetEnt – This software developer also began its operations back in the mid-90s and is still growing strong today. Its portfolio consists of hundreds of casino titles including highly-acclaimed live dealer games and slots.

IGT. International Game Technology is today one of the biggest software developers in existence. The company has its hands in everything from online casino games to online sports betting. Its massive catalog of games is always growing too and so is its global reach.

The Modern Technologies They Use

Now, the industry is always evolving. Newer innovations are always coming up and the same applies to their use cases. The top casino developers are leveraging and incorporating the latest of these technologies into their software development operations. Here are some of the ones that we think are going to make big difference in the casino sector:

1. VR and AR

For a long time, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) were nothing more than buzzwords. Things have since changed as these technologies have proven their potential to be a huge part of the casino of the future. They will be a great way for the operators to further blur the lines between retail and online gambling. The technology has matured quite a bit too. Equipment is getting cheaper and more accessible. All that remains is for the developers to do their best when it comes to delivering next-gen VR and AR games.

2. Blockchain

Blockchain’s relation to digital currency is its most popular trait. However, for gamblers, the technology promises something more desirable: transparency. The concept of provably fair gambling is already a reality across several gambling platforms. Consumers can now enjoy playing their favorite casino games without worrying about being shortchanged by unfair games or payment practices.

Lots of online casinos have already adopted crypto or are considering it. Game developers have also upped their game and are building blockchain-powered casino titles. These are mostly available in crypto-only sites but other operators are warming up to the idea.

3. Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analysis, and Data Modelling

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been a key part of the design of modern online casinos. The technology has mostly found use in assisting with fraud and problem gambling detection. Those are very important issues that the industry has been struggling to fix for years. It has not fixed everything but we are just getting started.

Predictive analysis and data modeling, on the other hand, form the basis of casino improvement. Through these technologies, operators can figure out their player demographics. This is by checking such things as their gaming habits. With that, they can not only create custom experiences for each customer but also make decisions regarding what to invest in and what to drop.

Are They Worth It?

Of course, they are. In the 90s, it was much harder to picture that online casino businesses would grow into the behemoths that they are today. That is no longer the case especially because we now have a front-row seat to the upcoming developments. Consumers can already test out games and casino products built with emerging technologies. It will certainly take a bit of time for them to mature. Thankfully, it will not be nearly as long as it was at the dawn of online gambling.

That said, the future of both retail and online gambling looks very bright. The ball now rests in the court of the developers and their partners. Gamblers have so much to look forward to. Does it get any better than that? It probably will.