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What Features Make PDF The Go-To Format For Businesses?

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PDF or Portable Document Format have become the go-to document for many people in different sectors whether it is business, personal use, or creating a portfolio. PDF is undoubtedly kind among all the different document formats that are available because of its versatility and its features that are unmatched. 

PDFs can be a fantastic choice for a document format to transfer data cross-platform and access the document at any time, anywhere. PDFs are also universal meaning that you can create and edit a PDF on Windows and transfer it to a Mac and it will still look the way you created it, with the whole format of the document remaining the same whereas with other document formats this is not possible.

There are several reasons why many companies and businesses are using PDFs as the document format of choice and require documents to be submitted in PDF format. Let’s have a look at some of the Features That Make PDF The Go-To Document Format For Businesses:

Easily Convertible Into Other File Formats

One of the things that attract users towards PDF is its ability to be converted into any file format and vice versa. This is a distinguishing feature of PDFs that they can be converted into different file formats, for example, Word to PDF, JPG to PDF, PNG to PDF, Excel to PDF, etc, and vice versa. There are so many different platforms and tools available such as Lua, SmallPDF, SodaPDF, etc that allow easy conversion to and from PDFs. 

This is one of the reasons why PDFs have become so common because users can create a document in any software they want to. For instance, they can easily create a Word Document on Microsoft Word and then convert that .doc document into a PDF using the free Word to PDF converter that performs instant conversion in just a few moments. Plus, if you want then you can also convert the PDF into its original file format. 

Accessible on Mobile Devices

Another reason that makes PDFs so popular is the ability of this file format to be easily accessible on mobile devices. Other file formats cannot be opened on mobile phones or tablets unless you have a specific app installed to open that document. For example, you cannot open an excel spreadsheet without downloading Google Sheets or any other alternative that opens spreadsheets whereas, with PDFs, that is not the issue.

PDFs can easily be opened by any web browser and most of the modern-day web browsers come with support for PDFs so you can quickly open the file as soon as you download it without having to install any other app. This is not the case with many of the document formats out there and they still require a specific app to be installed before you can open those documents. 

Level of Security and Protection

Another instrumental feature about PDFs is that you can password protect them and prevent unauthorized people from accessing the documents. If you are transferring some sort of personal or sensitive data then you can secure the document by putting a password on it so that it cannot be opened by anyone without the password. The security of PDFs is advanced and not easily penetrable. 

Most businesses and security firms prefer using PDFs for transferring sensitive data because of their fantastic security.

Although other document alternatives may provide security, their level of protection is not on par with PDFs. This is why many businesses rely on PDFCreator ( or converting documents into secure PDFs.


The universality of PDFs is simply unmatched. With most of the document formats, it is a common issue to maintain the format of the document, and most of the time, the layout changes when you open the document on another device. This can be really embarrassing when you create a presentation on your PC and when you put it on the Work PC then the layout is completely changed and the whole document makes no sense whatsoever. 

With PDFs, you needn’t worry about this since PDFs are universal and they remain the same whether you open them on a Windows PC, Mac PC, or mobile device. The format of the document remains the same, the way you laid it out no matter on which platform or device you open the PDF and this universality makes PDF stand out from its competition.

Low File-Size

PDFs are also popular for their ability to transfer a huge amount of data while not increasing the size limit. PDFs have support for both text and non-text elements include animations, graphics, visuals, images, etc and you can add all of these to your PDF document but when you do add these, you would find that the size of the document hasn’t increased that much as compared to the data stored on it. This also makes PDF so much popular that you can store and transfer a large amount of data through PDF documents while not exceeding the file size limit.