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Technology and Cooking: How Technology Helps Us Cook

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Back in the day, taking a picture of your restaurant meal was impossible. You’d waste film on a photo of food. Who would do that? 

But the rise of smartphones and social media changed all that. Now there are food bloggers that earn a living by making food or taking pictures of what they eat. Technology is crazy, right? 

But that’s not the only way that tech has influenced cooking. Appliances have gotten better, and new recipes are accessible at your fingertips. Here are some of the ways how technology helps us cook. 

Preserving food

Taking pics of your food is excellent, but preserving meat for more than a day is better. Fridges are an incredible invention that prolongs food preservation. Before that, people ate fresh food from the markets and had to cook every day. That meant little variety in their diets and a lot of time wasted during the day standing next to a stove or a cutting board. Now, we can cook meals in advance and don’t waste as much food. 

Billions of recipes

A few years ago, you had to rely on your grandma to teach you how to cook. Thanks to the internet, you can look at billions of recipes from all around the world. You’re not limited to eating the same things all the time, and you can experiment. One day it could be Italian. The next day it could be Chinese, Indian, or Mexican. Plus, because it’s easier to travel, people can go directly to the source and compare their efforts with the culture they’re trying to mimic. You can find it online no matter what you’re in the mood for. 

Cooking shows

Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsey, and Guy Fieri are pop icons. They’re famous because of their personalities and their cooking. Millions of viewers were glued to their screens, trying to find new ways to make their favorite dish. Now, people at home are becoming more adventurous and experimenting with what they see on TV. 

Food processors

Even though it doesn’t look like it, cooking is dangerous. You can cut yourself if you’re not careful, you can get burned if you touch a hot stove, or if oil splashes on your hand. While there isn’t a solution for all of those scenarios, food processors offer a helping hand where it matters most, cutting. Instead of slicing, dicing, shredding, and chopping food, they can do it for you. 

They can even blend fruit and vegetables into a puree or juice. Over the years, they’ve become massively adopted and popular, and many people can’t imagine their lives without a food processor. At the time, they were luxurious appliances, but now they’re an essential part of every home. 


It took more than 25 years for microwaves to catch on and become widely adopted appliances. They were invented by mistake during a radar project, but they shined in the kitchen. At the start, many conspiracies claimed they were dangerous and harmful, but all of that has been debunked. Now, microwaves have entirely changed how we look at food, reheating and making quick and easy meals. In a matter of minutes, you can get a delicious meal that would take hours to prepare. 

How to stay safe while using technology?

If you’ve watched “I, Robot” or any other tech dystopian movie, then you’re either scared to death of AI, or you welcome our future robot overlords. All jokes aside, there are now robot cooks that can prepare a meal from scratch. Getting a fully automated kitchen will cost you about $335,000, but you’ll never have to worry about preparing a dish. 

A robotic arm will do everything for you. The only problem here is that it will be connected to the internet. And everything that’s connected to the internet can be hacked. You wouldn’t want your ideal chef to mix up your allergens or try to harm you in any way. 

Robots are still considered IoT devices, and these gadgets still have issues when it comes to security. For that reason, you’ll need to pay special attention to your router, the passwords you use, and your VPN. 

Keeping hackers at bay when you’ve got close to half a million dollars worth of equipment in your home is a must when a VPN subscription costs a fraction of the price. Also, VPN Cyber Monday is approaching, so there’s never been a better time to get a great deal. 

Even if you don’t plan to have a robot cook prepare all of your dishes, it still makes sense to encrypt your data and browse the web safely and securely.