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Why Does Auspicious Timing Matter in Indian Weddings?

You must have noticed how everyone on both sides of the family emphasizes adhering to auspicious wedding timing (shubh muhurat). As a grown-up, you know their sentiments. Even today, people firmly believe that marrying within a favorable planetary alignment can determine the future happiness and success of the couple. According to the Indian astrological system, certain times favor more than others for starting a new journey. Thus, couples married during these auspicious times are more likely to have a peaceful, joyous, and prosperous married life. Several factors help determine the right time for marriage. One of them is the position of the planets, as you already know. Others include the stars’ movement and the couple’s birth charts. 

While some people may not believe in these things, many Indians still attach a lot of respect and value to this age-old wedding process. Auspicious timing is a way for the families to ensure that the couple gets happiness and success in the future together. You can chat with astrologer to find and fix a specific time for marriage ceremonies.

What may go wrong if you don’t follow the auspicious time for the wedding ceremonies?

The most obvious problem is that you may face plenty of difficulty during the process. And even if everything goes smoothly, your wedding may not be as successful as it could have been if you had followed the proper timing. There can be a risk of inviting bad luck upon you and your partner. Since favorable planetary movements give a positive push, you can have a smooth journey with your partner. Otherwise, life can feel like a challenge at every step. You can even experience financial setbacks or have difficulties with family planning. That’s why you must ensure you follow the traditions in this matter to allow your big day to go off without a hitch.

What are the benefits of astrology for anyone planning to marry?

You gain valuable insights into the compatibility of two people and get to know potential conflict areas. You become familiar with each other’s strengths and sore points and how these may affect your relationship. Astrology can therefore be a helpful tool to decide whether you have selected the right partner or not. If there is any potential threat or warning sign, your astrologer can alert you about them. You can also expect them to suggest some solutions to overcome those challenges. In rare cases, they can recommend that a particular partner may not be suitable for various reasons, such as a defect in their birth chart, incompatibility issues, etc. However, they usually advise such things when they can see the obvious risks and have no solution for them. The final decision always belongs to you, though.

People with modern thoughts can find it regressive. But ancient science and techniques have credibility. There is science behind the calculations that an astrologer uses to predict your life. Disregarding their specialization and experience is like turning your attention away from some vital insights that could potentially make your future better. Hence, don’t take risks with matters involving your marriage. With everyone’s blessings, including the favors of the planets and stars, you can move with confidence.