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Television Shows And Movies You Have To Watch Right Now

Hollywood has screeched to a halt due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. Nevertheless, everyone has been lucky that new television shows and movies have been released on schedule. There is a good chance that you’re looking for a way to escape reality so you can enjoy some time to yourself. If this is the case, you’ll want to think about turning on your television and watching a good movie or television show. The possibilities are endless but some shows are going to entertain more than others. So, which television shows and movies do you need to watch right now? You’ll find out below.

“We Hunt Together”

“We Hunt Together” is going to air on Showtime. The first episode was released on August 9, 2020 and it was created and written by Gaby Hull. While the show hasn’t received the best ratings, it is still worth checking out. There isn’t much else on television right now anyway. The show follows a cat-and-mouse story. It is a British drama that explores sexuality, sexual attractions, and the dangerous power of emotional manipulation. Two conflicted detectives work together to track down deadly killers. The show tries to sign a spotlight on how finding volatile solace can have grim consequences.

The series stars Hermione Corfield, Eve Myles, and Neil Stuke. If you’re looking for something interest to watch, you’ll want to check it out!

“Five Bedrooms”

“Five Bedrooms” is another foreign television show that you’ll want to watch. It has scored two seasons proving it can be very entertaining. Furthermore, it can draw viewers. The first episode was released in mid-May of 2019. The show was created by Nathan Mayfield, Christine Barlett, and Michael Lucas. It stars Kat Stewart, Steve Peacocke, and Doris Younane. So, what is it about? Five Bedrooms tells the story of five friends from different backgrounds. They attend a wedding and sit together at the singles table. As they drink throughout the night, they decide that it might be time to change their lives. How are they going to do that?

Well, they’ll buy a bought together. This creates a loving story that most viewers will love. You can play Book of Dead or laugh your butt off watching Five Bedrooms.

“Dead Pixels”

Most people like playing video games. Many of these people spend their time playing MMORPGs. So, it is only right for there to be a television show about video games. This is where Dead Pixels enters the picture. This television show has had two seasons with the first episode airing in March of 2019. Dead Pixels stars Alexa Davies, Charlotte Ritchie, and Will Merrick. It was created and written by Jon Brown. The show focuses on three friends and their obsession with the MMORPG game Kingdom Scrolls. It covers their real and virtual lives. Dead Pixels is a comedy that will keep you entertained from start to finish.

If you loved the first season, you’ll love the second one too.

“The Sounds”

The Sounds is an upcoming Australian thriller that will be sure to satisfy. This television show is being created and wrote by Sarah-Kate Lynch and Sam Shore. It stars Sara Wiseman, Matt Nable, and Rachelle Lefevre. Maggie and Tom Cabbot decide to move to Pelorus so they can get away from Tom’s oppressive family. However, Tom will soon disappear and that will kickstart an investigation. During the course of the investigation, viewers will learn some unsettling things about Tom and that will bring old wounds to the surface. The Sounds will be an intense thriller and it’ll be available on Acorn on September 3.

It is worth watching.

“Bill & Ted Face The Music”

Finally, you have the new Bill & Ted movie. Who didn’t love the original? Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter are back at it! The new movie is written by Ed Solomon and Christ Matheson. It is a science-fiction comedy that follows the original movie closely. The film was released on August 28, 2020 so you can watch it right now. You likely enjoyed the original movies and you’re wanting more. If this is the case, you will want to watch the latest movie. It is similar to the others but the characters are a bit older now. Either way, you’re going to enjoy it.