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The 5 Best Games Based On TV Shows

There are numerous video and casino games that you can enjoy and while most of them are based on their own unique themes or intellectual property, others are based on existing properties such as films and television shows. If you want to know what the best games based on TV shows are, take a look right here!

“South Park: The Stick Of Truth”

“South Park: The Stick Of Truth” is an RPG based on the South Park television show. The game follows customisable character New Kid who moves to South Park and is embroiled in an epic fantasy war which quickly spirals out of control as Nazi zombies, aliens, and more become involved. The game, which is available on most consoles, received positive reviews for its comedy and visuals but was heavily censored in several regions for its content. If you enjoy the show, why not try the game?

“Rick And Morty MegaWays”

“Rick And Morty MegaWays” is a video slot developed by Blueprint Gaming based on the popular Adult Swim animated show. The slot, which experienced Blueprint’s most successful launch ever, features visuals based on the show and includes most major characters. The game’s special features are all based on various episodes and offer Free Spins, several Bonus Rounds, as well as cascading wins. If that’s not enough, it’s built on Big Time Gaming’s MegaWays engine in which the number of symbols and paylines change with each spin, offering unpredictable gameplay.

“The Walking Dead: The Game”

“The Walking Dead: The Game” is an episodic video game by Telltale Games which is based on “The Walking Dead” comic book and television show. The game takes place in the same world but follows convicted criminal Lee Everett who rescues a girl named Clementine and the pair head out in search of her parents. The game, which is critically acclaimed, focuses on character development and each of the episodes offers various outcomes. It’s now regarded as one of the best games of all time and well worth a try.

“The Walking Dead” also happens to be one of the highest-rated online slots among the thousands of slot games available. It is available at most online casinos and all of their sister sites as a video slot with five reels, 300 paylines and a maximum bet of $225.

“The Simpsons: Hit & Run”

“The Simpsons: Hit & Run” is based on the television show of the same name and follows the Simpson family as well as friend Apu as they investigate a series of strange incidents in their town of Springfield. The game is inspired by the GTA franchise and borrows many of the series’ mechanics including a police system and open-world design. The game, which was available on the Gamecube, PS2, and original Xbox, was widely praised at release and remains a classic for many gamers.

“Game Of Thrones”

“Game Of Thrones” is a video game from 2012 based on the HBO television show of the same name. The game, which is available for PC, PS3, and the Xbox 360, follows new characters Alester Sarwyck and Mors Westford during the events of the show’s first season. “Game Of Thrones” has four different endings depending on player decisions and the game was praised for its plot but received criticism for its graphics and repetitive combat. Even though the show may not have ended well, many fans of the first six seasons and of the book may enjoy the video game. Or you can always try Microgaming’s Game Of Thrones-themed video slot