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The Best Business Travel Destinations In 2023 

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The majority of businesses have resumed their business travel plans following a protracted hiatus caused by the pandemic’s mandatory worldwide travel restrictions. 

The selection of business travel locations is influenced by a number of variables. 

These include business opportunities, ease of access, safety, the working environment, the convenience of transit, and lodging options. Despite the rise of virtual meeting platforms, business travel continues to be the main force behind global tourism.

Everyone enjoys taking a little vacation time and leaving the workplace. It provides a rare chance to get to know a new place, explore, and even shop for distinctive local things while still developing contacts and discovering new prospects for your company. 

It also breaks up the monotony of an otherwise monotonous work week. In this article, we list some of the best business travel destinations of 2023! 


Chicago is unmatched when it comes to places to go for business travel. The Midwest center is home to a thriving media sector, a tech sector with rock stars, and the powerful Chicago Mercantile Exchange. 

It is also a bustling tourist attraction between meetings. 

America’s “Second City” offers something for everyone thanks to its top-notch architecture, vibrant cultural scene, and illustrious sports teams.

San Francisco

Tommy Mello, owner of A1Garage and an avid traveler recommends San Francisco. He shares: “If you work in technology, it’s likely that you’ll go to the City by the Bay for business. So fortunate should you be. 

San Francisco is not only home to some of the world’s largest corporations, but it is also without a doubt the most innovative and progressive city in the United States. In San Francisco, you can find everything you’re interested in. 

From Fisherman’s Wharf and Alcatraz to the Golden Gate Bridge, the city is a fantastic place for a work trip.”

New York

One of the most popular business travel locations in the world will always remain in New York. America’s most influential media companies, financial institutions, and communication firms are all located in New York City. 

You’ll definitely visit New York on business at some time in your career since it’s one of the best locations on earth to network with other like-minded individuals. 

Take a walk in Central Park, see some of the city’s top museums, and visit Broadway while you’re between engagements.


Carl Jensen, a CEO of UK-based business and part-time traveler shares: “Istanbul, one of Turkey’s most prosperous and large cities, is renowned for its magnificent architecture, expanding commercial empire, and legendary reputation. 

Istanbul has been a popular tourism destination since 2014, according to Trip Advisor. Amazing pieces of art may be seen in the city’s intact old structures. While experiencing a trip back in time, you can still enjoy world-class shopping and hip bars around.”

Melbourne, Australia

This incredible city is perfect for both work and pleasure because of its fantastic location and weather. 

You can walk to Melbourne’s plethora of eateries, galleries, theatres, and cafés in just five minutes from the many hotels around with various spacious rooms with workstations adjacent to floor-to-ceiling windows. 

For coffee and breakfast in the Australian way, visit Higher Ground on Little Bourke Street.

Five wine districts are easily accessible from Melbourne. The Mornington Peninsula is best seen in one day, but we advise adding an overnight stay at the Jackalope Hotel, which is surrounded by vineyards. 

Alternatively, go west of the city to the Great Ocean Road, one of the greatest drives in the world because of its glistening waters and koala-dotted forests.

Japan’s Tokyo

Many hotels in Tokyo are less than two minutes from a railway station and have Bulgari’s customarily exquisite rooms, which is destined to become a destination for tourists. 

Although Roppongi is most known to visitors for its nightlife, it also has a thriving art scene. To see some of the greatest, hire a knowledgeable guide and visit Perrotin Tokyo. 

Be sure to also schedule a walk around Harajuku to witness the most elaborate cosplay in the whole globe.


The sophisticated set of the city’s favorite staycation destination is this Sentosa Island resort with its beachfront location. 

The hectic activity of Singapore proper seems a world away. The ideal work-from-home setting is a villa, which comes with fast Wi-Fi, a chic lounge area, and a plunge pool for a noon swim.

In Singapore, eating and drinking are essentially national activities. Jigger & Pony, a seasoned member of the World’s 50 Best Bars, serves you a mean Sakura Martini. 

For the most genuine eating experience possible, visit the wet market and hawker booths at the Tekka Centre.

Hong Kong

Harrison Tang, founder of Spokeo tells us: “Rosewood Hong Kong has a package for prolonged stays that includes free hotel transfers and reduced in-room food, which is perfect for late nights working at your harbor-view desk even if it wasn’t specifically created for bleisure travelers.

Despite having hundreds of kilometers of coastline all around them, Hong Kong’s beaches are – in a way, shamefully – disregarded. 

Head to the more isolated areas, such Long Ke Wan or Turtle Cove, with a picnic basket. Alternatively, take a walk to Sunset Peak to get a fresh view of the city. Rooftop bar Plume provides equally satiating views for those who are less active.”

Netherlands, Amsterdam

You can never be bored at The Conservatorium since the Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, and Concertgebouw are all close by. 

And even if you do, there is a human library of informed locals prepared to share their travel advice with you. 

The rooms are large by Amsterdam standards and come with substantial desks and a free smartphone to use while you’re there.

Amsterdam excels in farm-fresh products and is one of the greenest cities in the world. Dine in the suburbs at De Kas, a farm-to-table establishment that serves food in its old greenhouse using ingredients from its kitchen garden. 

Alternatively, go to the Noordermarkt farmers market on Saturdays and the residents’ favorite organic wine bar, Gloulou Bar.