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The Best Phones on the Market in 2022 

Buying a new phone can sometimes feel like a lot of hassle, thanks to the fact that there is no getting around it that the market is well and truly saturated. That being said, you may be interested to hear that it doesn’t need to be as much of a chore as you think. There are a number of great phones available in 2022, and this article is going to break down some of the best ones that you should consider buying. 

Top Tip: Consider Your Needs 

The first thing that you should do is consider what your actual needs are when it comes to getting a phone. For instance, there are a number of different games available on mobiles now that vary from shooters all the way to gambling games. In fact, simply by visiting a few websites, you will be given all manner of information on some of the best Canada online casino games that are available. As such, if this kind of gaming is your priority, then you might want to consider a gaming phone. On the other hand, if you will be using it for work, then you might want one of the below options. If you are only using your mobile to make the occasional phone call, then you might want to consider getting a cheaper second-hand option. 

The below are simply some of the best all-rounders. 

Apple iPhone 13 

It is quite an expensive model as the starting price comes in at $829, but that price is somewhat justified when you consider the quality of the phone. The new iPhone 13 is flushed with features from top to bottom, including a new bionic chip, as well as an amazing OLED display. The phone is also compatible with 5G, which is going to be a large selling point with mobile phones in the near future. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 

There are not many high-end Android phones available on the market recently, but there are still a couple of options, one of the best of which has to be the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus. This contains a huge 6.6-inch screen as well as a fantastic refresh rate for the images displayed on it. The camera is one of the best on the market as well, thanks to the telephoto features which are built-in. 

Google Pixel 6 Pro

Another one of the high-end Android devices that are available at the moment has to be the new Google Pixel 6 Pro. Coming with an even bigger screen than the Samsung phone at 6.7 inches, the phone comes with 12GB of ram and also one of the best cameras that are available on the market. 


Choosing a new phone can be an incredibly difficult task due to the fact the market is currently flooded with a massive variety of different models. If you are currently looking for a new phone, then you should firstly take a moment to consider what your needs are; however, after you have decided on this you should consider the above options which are all excellent.