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The Best Spotify Promotion Strategy!

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Ask any person on the streets, whether they use Spotify. And I am sure, almost every person will say “yes” or admit that used in the past. Spotify is everywhere, and everyone knows about it. More than 200 million people are daily users, addicted to Spotify algorithm of music selection, completely closed for trying other music streaming services. And there are also millions of musicians, that see Spotify as their only way of living and releasing the music. So how to withstand? What strategy to choose to win this unfair battle? And how can Spotify promotion help? Let’s find out.

First – you need to understand the position you’re in. Do you already have some songs uploaded? Do you like the way they performed? I am sure that you did not. Because in that case you would not read this article. Next – choose the path. If you want slow growth, that may take years or even decades, or you want it faster, in just a week or so? If you are a fan of speed, and want to feel the success as fast as possible, choose the second path, the path of music promotion.

With the promotion after the release of the track, you won’t allow it to drown in the wave of other releases. Your creativity will be higher than others, closer to users, available and noticeable. But it will also come at the price. This price is…. drumroll…. a few cheeseburgers. Yeah, it is affordable. But what about the legal part? Ia it legal to promote music on Spotify? Yes, it is. Spotify won’t stop you or intervene in any way. Plus, eve in the user agreement there is no mention of promotion, so relax.

How real is your new traffic? Well, if you are using paid promotion, it is as real and organic as it can be. But if you use free services, you will likely end up with a bunch of bots, that will be noticed by Spotify, and deleted swiftly. We don’t want that. We need stable as concrete result. It should stay as long as your account. And only real people can provide such level of loyalty. The Spotify promotion services use special channels that allow to attract new users to your account, people that will listen to your song and suggest it to their friends. Promotion is like working with audience. Such services know how to make people interested, and how to grab their attention. So just trust the professionals on that.

Now, what will be the end result? Your song will end up in user recommendation and people will finally be able to enjoy it. From that moment, your name will grow, become more recognizable, more important and widely-known. There is even a chance that a music producer will notice you, and send you the contract to sign. All that can be possible if you make one small decision, that can turn your life around.