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The Complete Guide To Online Proofing Systems

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Online proofing is important because it eliminates time-wasting. There are many other benefits to using online proofing software in a creative setting. With the right software, you’ll be able to cut out all of those extra steps and emails and make sure that deadlines are always met.

This article will share with you the necessary information about the most common issues that can be solved with this type of software. Keep reading to know more about online proofing for your creative business.

What Is Online Proofing?

It’s basically a way for a person or company to check their work before it goes public without having to send physical copies around the world or wait on email responses. This is a way of ensuring that your work reaches an audience as soon as it’s finished. Some proof approval software is designed specifically for this purpose, but the general process of proofing is still mostly the same.

Why Is Online Proofing So Important?

First of all, it saves you time. The faster approvals are made, the more time you can save in the process. It also ensures that everyone is on the same page with what’s going on in other departments. It may even help with some communication issues that occur when different people are doing work for certain projects and need to get approval from others for the project to continue.

Without online proofing, you also run the risk of not only abuse that doesn’t get caught by your readers but also of time wasted because of tedious processes that add up to seconds every time. 

Common Issues Without Online Proofing Software

Without online proofing, there are a few common issues that can occur. These can include creative work that takes too long to be approved, separate emails and attachments pinging everywhere, comments not being submitted in one place, and important deadlines being missed. This is why online proofing is so important in the creative industry. Without it, you open yourself up to risks and threats to your project that can cause confusion over time-sensitive tasks.

Creative Work Taking Too Long To Be Approved

One of the biggest problems with proofing for a creative project is having the work review process take too long. It is sometimes difficult for a creative director to judge quickly and correctly if the submitted work will reflect what they’re looking for. In some cases, it may take as long as several weeks before the project is sent back to you. This puts you in a bind because, by that time, many factors can change, and hundreds of revisions could be necessary to keep up with the goal of your project.

Separate Emails And Attachments Pinging Everywhere

If your creative work is sent around as separate emails or attachments, it can cause more problems than it solves. Sometimes multiple emails and attachments may cause unnecessary confusion between different departments with their own deadlines and needs for this work. It can also cause confusion and delays in approvals if people don’t want to sign off on certain process steps.

Important Deadlines Being Missed

Deadlines are something that everyone has to be on the lookout for. There may be deadlines in place, and they’re important, but if you miss them every time they’re coming up, you’ll have difficulty keeping up. If deadlines are missed, there could be tension between departments or clients who want their work done quickly. They may also expect you to make changes to accommodate the situation. All this can cause unnecessary stress for everyone involved and never get where it needs to go.

Gains Made With Online Proofing Software

Many benefits come from using online proofing systems. Some of these benefits include saving time, staying on top of deadlines, and giving everyone in the project the opportunity to see all important parts of their work at once.

Faster Turnaround Of Creative Work

If you want to save time, this software can help you get things done faster and more efficiently. This can be especially important if your project is time-sensitive.

Removes Frustrating Tasks For Designers

Designers who work with the creative department are often tasked with the tedious task of having to go back and forth to other departments for approval of their work. They will often have to get approvals from other departments to move forward.

With online proofing, they can make all important notes on the proofing software at one time and then update it as necessary throughout the process. This will help them avoid dealing with potentially frustrating tasks that can slow down their process and cause misunderstandings.

Cut Costs On Paper And Move To A Digital Workflow

With online proofing software, it’s possible to cut costs on paper and move to a digital workflow. You can do this by making the necessary approvals right where you need them in one place, with everyone else working on the project at that time. This way, you won’t have to wait around for long periods to get important approvals from other departments or creative directors. Instead, you can focus your energy on creating the work that needs to be done to meet deadlines and other project requirements.

The Bottom Line

Online proofing is an important part of the creative process. It has many benefits, and it can help you meet deadlines, save costs and streamline the workflow for your creative project. Changing your process can be beneficial if you find ways to make this a regular practice in your business.