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The Emergence of Social Media in Vietnam’s Football Industry

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There’s a lot more to sports than just practicing kicks and catches; they’re a huge aspect of American culture. Sport as a tool for development may help communities in many ways, from encouraging healthy behaviors to generating economic growth and social cohesion.

The internet and social media have had a remarkable impact on contemporary culture during the past two decades. Our heavy dependence on technology has made our collective life more connected, efficient, and informed, and this is true across the board, from how people interact and spend their daily lives to how businesses are run and operated.

Sports and entertainment are only two examples of the many areas of human activity that have benefited from the pervasiveness of social media. Consider how social media’s popularity in Vietnam has stoked the interest of football fans there.

Football fans now have instantaneous access to a plethora of unique live Vietnam football today and all other soccer-related content thanks to internet media.

Football as a business

No matter how you feel about it, football is a business, and some may argue that this is to the benefit of the fans. When businesspeople buy teams, they often make changes that supporters don’t like, such as raising ticket prices or moving games to less convenient places.

The owners, it is believed, care more about making money than winning games. They believe that the money they spend on tickets is an investment in the team and that they should have a say in how the business is run. Therefore, all parties benefit more from sports betting sponsorships and partnerships.

How the football industry in Vietnam adopted social media

There were reportedly 76.95 million people using social media in Vietnam in January 2022. Kepios’s research also shows that in the years 2021 and 2022. 5.0 million more Vietnamese people are now active on social media. These numbers show how the number of people using social media in the country has exploded in recent years.

Taking into account the influence of social media on Vietnamese people’s perspectives and consumption of live Vietnam football today, there is evidence that the vast majority of respondents follow anything from one to three pages devoted to the sport.

In addition, 33.7% of Vietnamese football fans follow more than 7 pages that provide news and information about the sport. This information demonstrates that the Vietnamese public has a strong interest in and appetite for football-related news.

This also demonstrates that football enthusiasts who don’t have much time to watch live games prefer to stay current on the sport through football news. Taken together, these numbers support the idea that Vietnamese internet users rely on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram for news and other information.

How social media creates jobs and opportunities

Football fans all across the world can now find fulfilling careers because of the rise of social media. Although Instagram’s format is better conducive to making use of photographs and short videos, it has nonetheless generated a great deal of employment and business in this sector.

YouTube, which gives content creators a place to gain notoriety and an audience, is another social media tool that has had a profound effect in creating new doors of possibility.

Some football-related channels on YouTube have amassed millions of viewers. These people have enough clout to be interviewed by notable football players, coaches, and other public figures, and they put out content on a daily or weekly basis.

The time commitment required to compete in a social media landscape where millions of channels and artists jostle for visibility is a major deterrent for some people.

The pros and cons of social media

There have been several major shifts in the footballing landscape over the years. The rise of social media has been a game-changer, for better and for ill. The amount of online hatred directed towards football players and coaches, and by extension, athletes in any sport, is a major drawback.

People say things they wouldn’t say to your face when hiding behind a screen. The repercussions of their foul words are minimal at best. But, many positive things have emerged as a result of social media as well, including countless opportunities for football fans to make a living doing what they love.

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