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The Evolution of Online Casino Games and Online Slots software Development

Once casinos started offering betting services online, they have added numerous games to their libraries leaving players spoilt for choice. The inception of online casino games at sites like slotxo made it possible for people to use their desktops to place wagers from anywhere, instead of walking into a pub or betting house.

The widespread use of desktop computers brought about new types of casino games worldwide. Players no longer needed to queue to enjoy manually spinning the reels on a slot/fruit machine. Those games that were too exclusive for many players are now readily available online for everyone to enjoy playing. There are also various betting options to suit every player.

Since the development of the Random Number Generator (RNG), online casinos became accessible worldwide thanks to the easy betting requirements and accessibility that came with it. Currently, you will find thousands of online casinos offering all types of casino games.

How it All Began

In 1994, Microgaming, a small South African company developed the first online casino software worldwide. Later, the company released the first-ever online casino, which led to the birth of the online betting industry.

While Microgaming might boast of developing the first betting software, all this was possible thanks to the Free Trade and Processing Act, which permitted licensing for online betting. The same year, The Gaming Club was released.

By 1998, the online betting industry had boomed and software developers kept releasing new games at a high rate. Microgaming decided to take the competition to another level by introducing the progressive jackpot. Their new slot game Cash Splash gave slots betting a new meaning. Players could now win huge amounts from a pool of spins from many bettors that made the jackpot.

Online Slots Development

Slots were the first casino games that offered players a chance to bet for real money online. The widespread internet use in the ‘90s contributed greatly to the development of online slots. Since they were equally popular in land-based casinos, slots were warmly welcomed in the online betting industry. Most online bettors were playing slots, which meant that software developers had the task of working faster to meet the increasing demand from online slots fans.

Today, more money goes towards improving online slots to offer better features and gameplay. Developers and designers work on online slots around the clock to ensure an enhanced gaming experience for their customers. There are now more winning paylines and reels. Also, slot titles now come with more symbols on the reels, including scatter, wild symbols, and other bonus symbols. The evolution has made online slots more entertaining and appealing to bettors.

The Rise of Progressive Slots

Megabucks, the first progressive slot was released in 1986. It was an updated version of the earlier slot machine, which had remained in the same state for many years before electromechanical slots were introduced.

Once casino operators realized how much space bulky slot machines were occupying without generating enough revenue to sustain their operations, they decided to revamp them. Consequently, they developed a big progressive network linking many slots. This led to the development of online progressive slots too.

Technology Leads to Inception of Virtual reality Slots

 Also referred to as VR slots, they are the latest evolution in the online betting world. The first such slot to be played for real money was released in 2017. It was after successful trial runs with various free VR apps that players accepted well.

With the exceptional players’ response and the ready plans for software developers, the online betting industry is bound to expect more advanced virtual reality slots as time goes by.

Online Pokies in New Zealand and Australia

Online pokies have become a sensation in Australia and New Zealand. They are the most played games in these countries, and over the years, developers have been releasing tailored games for them. Online casinos in these countries are in stiff competition to offer the best betting experience. They do so by offering players numerous perks, including welcome bonuses and fast payouts, among other things.

What the Future of Online Slots Hold

As technology continues to advance, slot players can expect better features, more exciting gameplay, and better ways of playing slots online virtual reality slots are just the tip of the iceberg as more great things are likely to happen in the online betting industry.