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The Former Czechoslovak Men’s Volleyball Championship

Many countries in Eastern Europe have been quite successful in volleyball. At this moment you can download the 1xBet app for iOS or Android from the app and use it to wager on matches from all over the world.

The Czechoslovak Men’s Volleyball Championship was a very entertaining competition as well. It was celebrated between 1924 until the country’s dissolution in 1992. Their teams delivered some fantastic performances, and many of them were also translated to a continental level. Don’t forget that now you can download the 1xBet app for iOS or Android, and from the app you can wager on the leagues that succeeded this tournament.

Many powerful teams

Unlike other leagues, where a very small number of teams completely outperforms the other, this competition had many squads that won it multiple times. If you have an Android or iOS tablet or smartphone you can obtain highly detailed live sport scores for your mobile device with 1xBet.

Olymp Praha was the most successful team with 9 titles of the Czechoslovak Men’s Volleyball Championship in total. Yet, other teams followed quite closely such as:

  • SK Židenice, Spartak and Zbrojovka Brno, with eight titles each;
  • ATK and ÚDA Praha, with six titles each;
  • and Dukla Liberec, Slavia VŠ Praha, Sokol, Dukla Kolín and VŠ Strakova akademie Praha, with five titles each.

In total, 20 squads won the Czechoslovak Men’s Volleyball Championship at least once. This made the competition extremely entertaining. There are live scores for your mobile devices on 1xBet for many sports, where volleyball competitions from all over the world are also featured.

End of the tournament

The last edition of the Czechoslovak Men’s Volleyball Championship was played in 1992. As said before, this was because Czechoslovakia was dissolved into the nations of the Czech Republic on one side and Slovakia on the other. Since then, both nations have continued with their own domestic leagues in an independent manner. You can make live wagers on those successor competitions by visiting the website.

On one side, there is now the Slovakian Men’s Volleyball League. It has VKP Bratislava as their most successful team by a huge margin by winning 11 editions in total. It is also worth noting that they won the first six editions of that competition.

On the other hand there is the Czech Men’s Volleyball Extraliga, which can also be wagered on the 1xBet website. Unlike its Czechoslovak and Slovak counterparts, this competition has also had an absolute winner. This is because VK Jihostroj České Budějovice has won the tournament a total of 10 times, which is much more than their closest followers.