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The Greatest Spooky Films of All Times

Who doesn’t like a good scare every once in a while? All it asks for is a good spooky environment you can conveniently create in your living room or a home theatre in the basement and the wild inside us can howl our heart out at the moon. However, beware that your neighbor doesn’t deem you a loon.

What comes next is a list of pretty damning flicks to challenge the daredevil in you with some sleep-deprived nights. Gear up your Cox cable TV and be prepared for some bone-chilling adventure. Let’s begin the journey of dread, ahoy! [EXPECT SPOILERS AHEAD!]

“The Ritual”

The supernatural horror story is based on a group of four ex-college friends who indulge in planning a vacation to escape their rough work routines. Their break becomes a nightmare in no time, with them having to struggle to stay alive every single moment. On their expedition, they choose to take the woods a shortcut to where they want to get, but it turns out to be the beginning of hell for them. With all the signs of a monster worshipping evil cult. The movie starts with a traumatizing death of one of the friends and one of the other friends who was present there at the time of the murder keeps seeing that in retrospect. The plot keeps you stuck to the seats with blood pumping scenes and constant bouts of fear and anticipation. In short, equipped with all the twists and turns, I am warning you, this movie is not for the faint-hearted.

“The Shining”

A classic it is, I’d say. This old school craziness can’t be left behind in this list, no matter what. The shinning is a classic that holds a place in every horror movie lover. The psychological horror plot was largely acclaimed by the audience and the critics alike. The plot focuses on the woes of a troubled family focused on a single location, the iconic Overlook Hotel. The place has been rented by some disturbed tenants and the desolate winter mountains adding to the darkness of the plot. Another upsetting fact was the land on which the hotel was built, a Native American cemetery, a breeding ground for negative spiritual energies.

The story comes with the right touch of real-time horror with Stephen King’s spiteful writing. The cherry on top being Jack Nicholson’s crazy acting, which is too real that you keep expecting that he may stick out of the screen any moment swaying an ax over your head.

“It Follows”

This is, hands down, one of the best horror movies one can come across, in years. The story revolves around an unseen entity that follows and kills its target and the twist is in the fact that it can be seen what exactly it is until it finally catches and kills that target. The movie’s kinkiness comes with the fact that the unseen force will only leave you if you have sex with someone, via which it will latch on to the other person. The protagonist gets it after a night out, gear up your cox cable tv before “It” gets you. The cinematography is successful in creating the terror of a sinister presence.


Veronica is the protagonist, a young girl who tries to contact her father after he passes away. Two of her classmates decide to join her too. They use an Ouija board during the solar eclipse and contrary to their expectations what passes from the other side is more horrifying than they had anticipated. There have been several movies made on Ouija Board mishaps, over the years and yet they never fail to score well. However, Veronica manages to outshine them all, thanks to a super twisted plot, terrible dreams, and fears she experiences leaves an impact on you long after you are done watching it.


This one is for the ones who believe that the success of a movie depends on the heavy budget and the amount of space it was shot in. Cube successfully manages to prove that wrong and shows how you only need a clear and well-thought idea to make a successful movie. Paying attention to the right details and you can get a blockbuster even if you shoot the movie in a single room, and the cube proves the point. The catch here is Cube’s ability to portray a potentially fatal situation with such a craft. It depicts a group of people trapped in a set of lethal rooms with no clue on how to escape them. The best they can do is work together and make sense of it. Beware, this one is not for someone who has anxiety or is claustrophobic.

Am I missing any entries that must have been on this list? Let me know in the comments below!