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The Hunt: The Ultimate Showdown Guide

The Hunt Showdown is an intense, exhilarating, and fun game if you understand it and know the tricks to navigate the game. However, it can be highly frustrating and punishing if you do not know your way around. It would be best if you were self-aware all the time and used your wits rather than your reflexes. That means that you take time to study the map and understand what you need to do at various stages. Before you get yourself in it, you can spare time and learn how to play Hunt: Showdown here. This guide will teach you what you should and should not do.

  1.   Study the Environment and Use it to Your Advantage

In the Hunt Showdown being aware of your surroundings is pivotal. You must know what is happening around you to make crucial decisions and act accordingly. Take note of the items, obstacles, and traps around you. This knowledge will prove helpful during a gun fight. You will know where to take cover and the best positions to attack from. Some tips you could use in this case are;

  • Take note of the approaching enemies. Identify where you can take cover and push the enemy safely, and have a means of retreating in case you get overwhelmed.
  • You can block entrances with fire to keep the enemy out. To do this, pour oil to make pools which you can then light up or smash lamps hanging on the entrances.
  • Take advantage of concealment if you cannot find any cover. You can use hunters donning dark clothes such as the Felis, Headsman, or Reptilian to remain concealed and move stealthily until you find a good cover.
  1.   Focus on Sound as much as the Environment

Sound is a vital component of this game as much as your vision is. It is part and parcel of the Environment. Using your auditory senses in addition to your vision will give you an added advantage to navigate through the map, prepare adequately for your enemies, and plan how to attack them better than just sprouting on them randomly.

  • Identify ground surface sounds and master them.
  • Learn the Sound of traps to avoid them.
  • Learn how to use blank fire decoys. You can draw the enemy away from you with them.
  • Make use of the 3D model viewer to determine weapon sounds at different distances. That will help you decide when to take a chance to move when facing the enemy.
  • You can use choke bombs or decoy fusees to lure your targets or enemies from their hideouts.
  1.   It is Vital to Understand Your Ammunition

This game is not just about having heavy weapons but also understanding how to use them. You need to know that every firearm in this game is lethal and valuable if you know when and how to use it. Here is what to look for.

  • Know the capabilities of different weapons. Understand the muzzle velocity, the damage it can cause, and its range. Knowing what a gun is capable of will give you an idea of what you need to do when you have a particular weapon.
  • Using hip fire is effective for short distances. This is the best weapon to use if you want to neutralize an enemy at close range since you can draw and fire it quickly and with ease.
  • Identify the different sounds different weapons make to determine your moves while fighting with your enemies. You do not want to run across an open field or yard while your enemies are firing shotguns.
  • Poison ammo is effective at defeating bosses efficiently. It is highly effective if you use it in a weapon that can fire at a high rate.
  • A penny shot is good to use with a shotgun. You will get more range but limited pellets, so know when to use it.
  1.   Take it Slow

Do not be in a hurry to go through the game if you want to have the best experience and go as far as possible. The more patient you are when playing Hunt Showdown. Avoid being too quick at attacking without considering your options or having a good plan. For instance, when you see an enemy, be sure you will hit the target before pulling the trigger. Missing the mark could turn the tides against you. You could have alerted an enemy who did not know of your existence. Take note of grunts during gunfights, or they will kill you if you fail to deal with them.