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The Ins and Outs of The Everest Horse Race 2020

The Everest horse race is something that should be on any racing fan’s radar. The Everest, in a nutshell, is among the planet’s most thrilling turf races. It’s going to come to life on the 17th of October, a Saturday. Royal Randwick Racecourse in Randwick, New South Wales is going to be the backdrop of this turf event. The direction of this race will be right-handed, first of all. It’s going to have a distance that spans 1,200 meters in total. The weight classes will apply to the individual ages of the participating horses. How exactly do participants qualify for this event? They have to cover entry fees in advance. Thoroughbred horses take part in The Everest. It’s an unlisted grade event that’s run by the people who represent the highly respected Australian Turf Club. The Australian Turf Club is an organisation that’s at the helm of all kinds of racing extravaganzas that are scattered all throughout action-packed Sydney in Australia. It’s a group that has 200 team members in total and that has been functioning since all the way back in 2011.

What exactly is the purse for this race? It’s a total of $15 million. The first Everest race took place in 2017. It’s a comparatively new happening in the vast racing realm. Although it’s a pretty new event, it has in a relatively short period of time managed to rack up an abundance of enthusiasts.

Finding The Everest Results

People who want to get the results of the Everest race in 2020 don’t have to look far at all. That’s because they can always depend on the unsurpassed power of the Internet. People will be able to swiftly access the results of the race via the user-friendly Neds website. They’ll be able to get their hands on the accurate results as soon as the weekend race comes to an end. They’ll be able to see the names of the first, second and third place winners at the same exact time.

More About The Everest

This is a Special Condition favorite that’s associated with the beloved Sydney Spring Racing Carnival. It’s a major component of all of the festivities. The Everest is currently associated with the bigger Everest Carnival. The Everest Carnival is memorable due to the fact that it’s brimming with races that fall under the seven figure category. People who want to check out 12 of the globe’s speediest and most agile horses won’t be able to resist zeroing in on The Everest in 2020. It’s a weight-for-age event that showcases the potential of some particularly promising and capable animals.

The race’s field consists of a total of 12 separate slots. Slot holders can buy spots by paying a total of $600,000. $600,000 covers individual slots. After holders complete their purchases, they can pick star horses that will run for them. People the globe over are familiar with The Everest and all that it does. People initially thought that it was nothing more than a high-end event. They’re realising that that couldn’t be further from the truth, though.

People can trade Everest slots as they wish. They can sell them in share form. They can even lease them. What exactly is the purse for the top winner? The amount exceeds a cool six million total.

Redzel is a horse that has wowed fans of The Everest. Yes Yes Yes is a horse that did the same back in 2019. Yes Yes Yes received in-depth training from the widely known and respected Chris Waller.