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What Makes Horse Racing In Summer Special?

Saratoga, The Haskell Invitational and Seaside Racing Are Singled Out

The summer season has finally kicked in and everyone is expecting an outdoor activity filled with fun and excitement. It is the most anticipated seasons in the United States because of the fact there are lots of activities and sports that each person can perform. Aside from that, every individual can move freely because the season is dry and there are lots of things can be done.

As the summer kick's in, one of the most anticipated events that everyone is looking forward to is the horse racing events. This is the perfect season to saddle and all horse racers are in the best condition to run. Individuals who cannot attend live events can check and other famous online sites as they offer live broadcast of the events.

Moreover, the summer makes every racing field dry and clear paving a great and incredible racing ground for all thoroughbred racers.

While there are horse racing entries and activities done in the winter season, it deems a difficult task for every horse racer to run this kind of weather at the same time some bettors may get tired participating in the racing field because of the weather condition. Horse racing in summer, on the other hand, makes every tournament unique like any other. If you want to know why summer racing is unique, take a look at these races, we will be discussing below to get the best out of them.

Saratoga: An Exceptional Racing Experience

Saratoga is considered as one of the highlights when it comes to East Coast summer celebration. The place is found right in the foot of the Spa in the Adirondack Mountains where racing and sporting was established in this place for 150 years. In fact, it is said that Saratoga is one of the oldest and longest-running sporting venues for horse racing events being operated in the whole United States.

Saratoga is a special place to visit during summer because it really gives out an exceptional racing experience. You will fully enjoy and relax as you head on to the Spa where you see a lot of horse racing superheroes competing in the most thrilling horse racing competition. It is also a venue where you see legendary and work renowned horse racers who brought pride to their states. It is where Secretariat, American Pharoah, and Man O’ War got their once in a lifetime chance of being a title holder of the world’s most prestigious horse racing tournament. That said, a new racing schedule is set and Saratoga will open again on July 11 and make sure you do not miss the fun-filled and action-packed racing show on that day.

The Haskell Invitational At Monmouth Park

Monmouth Park is another legendary horse racing venue which is located in Oceanport, New Jersey. The park is operated for a 5-year lease in partnership with Darby Development, LLC, and NJSEA. If you look into its geographical setting, the Monmouth Park is located only a few miles away in New Jersey’s most beautiful coastline.

The Monmouth Park holds the annual Haskell Invitational where you can see a lot of strongest horse racers competing for the purse. Actually, the Haskell Invitational attracts most of the U.S. Triple Crown candidates and Breeder’s Cup hopefuls as it serves as their training ground for a bigger racing showdown. Aside from that, Haskell Invitational holds the biggest summer schedule in Monmouth Park starting on July 20, 2019. So, if you really want to make the most out of your summer racing experience, then you must find yourself in Haskell Invitational witnessing a grand parade of thoroughbred horses.

Incredible Seaside Racing At Del Mar

Summer is always associated with beaches, tall palm trees, and of course the types of refreshments you take. Well, there is nothing fulfilling when you see turfs meets with surfs. Meaning, as you head on to Del Mar and see colts and fillies racing each other, it is also best that you experience the beach lies a few inches away from the racing field.

The Del Mar racing field and beaches in one of Southern California’s most magnificent first-hand highlights every summer season. Nothing is incomparable to experience a thrilling horse racing tournament at the same time you dance at the beach along with the palm trees and ravishing waves of the ocean. Heading on the Del Mar to experience a racing tournament at the same time making the most out of your summer is a once in a lifetime experience you can get like no other.

As summer really heats up, people are always looking for activities they would like to enjoy to make the most out of the dry season. The summer horse racing event is one of the reasons why every individual has a special reason to celebrate this. Therefore, heading on the racing shows stated above can really make your summer season more special compared to what you’re used to doing.