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The Most Effective Ways To Overcome Stone Garden Ornaments Problems

A statue  or a stone garden ornament can provide an amazing look in your garden or you can also use it to create a peaceful and inspirational atmosphere. There are numerous designs that you can choose to display in your garden. But most people face various difficulties related to choosing the best ornaments, clean, paint, repair and so on.

In this article, you will find effective ideas to overcome these problems.

Why We Use Stone Garden Ornaments? 

Are you bored with how your garden looks like? Would you like to renovate it completely? Gardens have always some peaceful and energetic character. They fresh us with their greenery and aromas. Stone garden ornaments enhance the beauty of the garden to such a great extent that you can never imagine in your dreams.

6 Ways To Overcome Stone Garden Ornaments Problems

  1. How To Find Best Ornaments?

First thing first, always try to buy statues physically rather than buying from online stores. Next thing you should consider before purchasing is that never buy second-hand ornaments because they won’t be in better condition. Last but not least, it is best to avoid those garden ornaments which has crack and color fade. With these methods, you overcome the stone garden ornamentsproblems which maybe happened in the future if you do not consider these things before buying.

  1. How To Display Stone Garden Ornaments?

The most crucial thing is to find the right place in the garden to display stone ornaments for avoiding future problems associated with stonegarden ornaments. Also make sure the trees surrounding it are healthy and in no risk of needing to be removed. With that in mind, check out Wichita expert tree service

You can place sculptures in the center of the garden with bright flower arrangements.

You can also display the statues in the empty corners. With this, you can make your corner looks attractive.

The significant thing to consider is the size of ornaments, it depends on the size of the garden. You cannot place big ornaments in a small garden. Choose statues according to the dimension of the garden.

You can also place the statue beside an entrance which looks amazing and create a nice impression in front of people.

You can also create a small pond in the garden and place tiny and beautiful animal shape statues to make your garden more pleasant.

Do not overuse ornaments everything done excessively makes things worst. Use a limited amount of sculptures.

  1. How Do You Clean The Garden Ornaments?

Cleaning stone garden ornaments are very easy. For this, you need warm water, a brush, and chemical-free liquid soap. Firstly, you use warm water to wet the statue, then take a brush and slowly remove dust particles from the ornaments. Do not use pressure or power which could damage your ornaments. After that, use liquid soap and wash the statue carefully. When the washing procedure is done. Then, use a plain and soft material cloth to dry your stone garden ornaments.

  1. How To Repair Broken Stone Ornaments?

It is difficult to repair broken stone sculptures. Because it is difficult to stick however with patience and proper planning, your ornament looks beautiful.

Use a drill to make a hole in the broken statue. Then fix the steel rod in the hole. The important thing to note is that the hole needs to be the same diameter as your steel rod. Rod makes the statue stronger and harder than before that it won’t break again.

Properly fix the rod, then put epoxy in the hole. Various epoxy work differently. So, before using read the instructions carefully. Then use it, while using epoxy wipe the extra epoxy from the statue. Wait for at least 8  to 10 hours to fix the ornaments.

After that, check the statue, if the statue looks rough then add some texture. However, it looks smooth then nothing to do it.

  1. How Do You Paint Stone Garden sculptures?

Wash the stone garden ornaments with crystal clear water. Do not use any soap or liquid. Remove the dust particles from the statue by using a brush. Then place the ornaments in a place where you can comfortably paint these statues.Use epoxy to fill the cracks before applying the paint, it makes your statue strong.

Then use paint stain in the bottom of the sculpture, when the bottom is dry. Use it on the upper as well as side portion. After that, use paint of any color which you like or you want to use it. The important thing to consider is that wash paintbrushes before and after applying paint.

It takes 20 to 24 hours appropriately to dry. After 24 hours your ornaments are ready to enhance the beauty of your garden.

  1. How To Secure Garden Ornaments?

There are various efficient ways to overcome stone garden ornaments problems in which the safety of statues is also included.

Do not put sculptures or expensive things like Barbeque in the front garden try to keep your statues beside or under the area which is covered with shed. If you do not want to cover your garden with a shed. Then use fencing to protect your garden.

Use cameras or GPS to protect your house from the thief. Also, track the activities of your house at night or when you are not at home.

Another way to save your stone garden ornaments is to buy heavy statues. For this, you don’t need to take care of them. Anybody take them away with ease. If you have pets like dogs then you don’t have to bother about theft-related activities.

Use sensor security lights that automatically turn on when someone enters your house. In that way, the chances of stealing your garden equipment and statue are less.


Stone Garden Ornaments can make your garden attractive or at the same time can make it unattractive. It totally up to you. If you use all these tips then you will be able to give your garden an amazing look. I hope you like this information. So what are you waiting for go and do some creativity and make your house look like your dream house.