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The Most Popular Movies And Shows In 2022 And Where To Watch Them 

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Are you having trouble picking your next watch? If yes, we can make it easier by highlighting the most popular movies and shows in 2022 and giving you info on where to watch them.

ExpressVPN recently prepared the 2022 streaming summary with all the best titles available on popular streaming platforms. Even though you’ve probably watched most of them, take a look to find some unexpected streaming gems.

Most Popular Movies Of 2022 And Where To Watch Them


You might have watched several horror movies, but I’m so sure none of them can hold a candle in front of Pearl, a prequel to X. Set in 1918, in the era of the Spanish Flu, Pearl is a kind of demented Disney movie that has layers of complexity to it. Mia Goth has delivered a masterful performance, and it will leave you gaping at your screen, open-mouthed. 

Where To Watch: Redbox., Prime Video, Vudu, Apple TV

Everything Everywhere All At Once

The name says it all, Everything Everything All At Once is a healthy blend of action, supernatural elements, drama, humor, intrigue, and whatnot. If it’s one of those days when you can’t decide what genre to watch, just go for this movie. Plus, Everything Everywhere All At Once features the best performances by James Hong, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Michelle Yeoh! 

Where To Watch: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar

Top Gun: Maverick

Now, we can’t talk about the most popular movies of 2022 without mentioning (read: honoring) Top Gun: Maverick, one of the best movies Tom Cruise ever played in. Top Gun: Maverick is a sequel to Top Gun and took over two decades to release. But, take one look at the action, visuals, sound, and performances of all actors involved, and you will know that the wait was TOTALLY worth it. 

Where To Watch: Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Google Play Movies


Most Popular Shows Of 2022 And Where To Watch Them

Inventing Anna

I’m sure we all have heard of Anna Delvey, a con artist who committed million-dollar frauds by posing herself as a wealthy German heiress and New York socialite. But, if you want to learn more about her story, I suggest you watch the documentary about her, Inventing Anna. 

Where To Watch: Netflix 

Single Drunk Female

Single Drunk Female follows a 20-something alcoholic, Samantha Fink, as she moves back to Boston with her mother. This relocation comes after Samantha’s very public downfall at a New York media company. But, trouble is far from over for Samantha. Because back at home, she will have to deal with the life she was so desperate to escape. A life that made her turn to alcohol in the first place. 

Where To Watch: Freeform

Stranger Things, Season 4

The list of most popular shows of 2022 would be incomplete without mentioning Stranger Things. After all, it is the most loved and significant season of the entire series. In a nutshell, the story expanded to California and Russia, we got a new villain (one of the best villains, honestly), and one of our favorite characters died. This season is truly a thrilling, emotional roller coaster. 

Where To Watch: Netflix

Final Words

Now, I hope you know about some of the most popular movies and shows in 2022 and where to watch them! I hope you have finally selected something to watch by now! So, happy streaming!