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What are Virtual Fitting Rooms and Why Should Retailers Use Them?

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The Fashion Industry has never been stagnant in terms of innovation. Technology has become the next big thing after climate-friendly and sustainable fashion innovations. Among the recent ones, Virtual Fitting Rooms are a notable innovation in fashion industry

What are Virtual Fitting Rooms?

It is safe to assume that everyone knows about the in-store dressing rooms that come in handy to check the fitting of the piece of cloth before you buy it. The need for online or Virtual Fitting Rooms heightened during the pandemic. Since there is no universal sizing for clothes available, consumers need a feature that accentuates reality and, with the help of artificial intelligence, shows the interested consumer how the dress looks on them before they buy it.

Why Use Virtual Fitting Rooms?

Gucci and Walmart have been among the earliest brands to adopt Virtual Fitting Rooms. While Gucci created a Snapchat Filter to help people try the sneakers before they could buy them, Walmart acquired a virtual fitting room platform that goes by the name Zeekit, which later collaborated with popular retailers like ASOS. But the general doubt around “Why Virtual Fitting Rooms” still prevails? 

To give the consumers a better experience.

One of the biggest complaints from online shoppers has been about sizing issues. Every brand has its sizing manuals or charts, which take a lot of work to analyse and study. This makes the consumers stick with the “safe products and brands” they already know about. They avoid buying clothes that they are unsure of looking good on them. Virtual Fitting Rooms clear the air by erasing any doubts regarding the fit of clothes.

Reducing the return sales

Most consumers return their orders because of sizing and fitting issues. They see the products displayed on a model that looks nothing like them and place an order. When the product reaches them, and they try it first-hand, they do not get to see what they expected. And that results in them returning orders. This is common. Virtual Fitting Rooms cuts down the rates of return sales significantly.

Increasing sales

It is a fact well known that people like to shop online.

But if you are a retailer, chances are that you know that it is not always the easiest thing in the world to get customers to buy from you. That is where Virtual Fitting Rooms come in. When customers have a better experience shopping with you, they will increase their purchases with you, recommend you further, and in the long term, earn you more sales. That is what having a Virtual Fitting Room brings to your business.


If you are a parent company or retailer, a Virtual Fitting Room is an incredible innovation in fashion industry business. It benefits you with sales, reputation, and profit.

With a Virtual Fitting Room, you can offer your customers the most comfortable and convenient shopping experience. Your customers can try on different clothes in their homes without going to a store to buy them. This saves them time, money, and energy. Thanks to this technology, your customers will also be able to shop from anywhere at any time with just one click of the mouse.