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The Phones We Are Most Excited For In 2021

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The year 2021 has already amazed us with many innovations in the phone market, from Samsung to Xiaomi, with models like the S21, S21 Plus, S21 Ultra and the Mi 11. Judging by these releases, we are up to a good start and we expect to see many more in the months to come. The rumors not only confirm our expectations, but they are also very promising in terms of innovation. We are waiting both for models that are improvements of last releases and also ones that represent something new and fresh.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

Even though this model has not appeared at the S21 launch, or the unveiling of the A52 5G, it has been talked about for a long time now, and the only reasonable explanation we have is that it is still in development. This being said, what we know by now is that it will most likely support a 5G connection, so you can enjoy an even smoother experience while you are playing anything from an online casino to a FPS game and many others. Also, maybe the feature most Samsung enthusiasts are curious about, is the presence of the S Pen, the same one we know from the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 family. We are quite hopeful of this rumor, as a published patent filing confirms it. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 21 range

Speaking of the Galaxy Note family, there is some sad news surrounding this subject. There are sources that say that Samsung is planning to discontinue the range, and this seems to be more believable than ever considering the fact that the S21 Ultra has launched with S Pen support. Also, an executive has stated that it might be possible for the Note 21 to not be launched this year due to the global chipset shortage. Of course, this is not an absolute confirmation that it will never launch, but all we can say is that we are anxiously waiting to see what will happen.

iPhone 13 range

Leaving the Android world for now, let’s see what Apple has prepared for us. The upcoming range is highly anticipated, but it does not hurry to be launched either. It is estimated that we will be able to enjoy it only in September, which is not exactly around the corner.

Even so, this has not stopped the iPhone fans to get excited about the rumored upgrades: screens with a higher refresh rate and integrated fingerprint scanners, 1TB of storage and a smaller notch. On top of this, when we thought the cameras could not get better than they already are, word has it that a periscope might be added, so the optical zoom range will be increased. It is a bittersweet subject because we do not have any official confirmation that these things will become reality, but what we know for sure is that if they do, they will have the same range as the iPhone 12, meaning the staple one, the Mini, the Pro, and the Pro Max.

Huawei P50

Even though it does not have the same popularity as the iPhone or Samsung, Huawei is quickly gaining more customers and overall trust all around the world. Sadly, its rise has been slowed down by the infamous ban which has caused the brand to stop offering access to the Google Play Store and Google’s apps. This definitely means that the software part of the phones will suffer, but if you are able to look beyond that, you will discover some of the best cameras, impressive hardware and competitive power.

The rumored P50 makes no exception from this, as it is expected to launch either in May or June. As we expected, the camera will be the focus point, with possibly some of the biggest lenses to ever exist on a phone. Aside from this, there is also an expected 6.6 inch curved screen and the same Kirin 9000 chipset used in the Mate 40 range. It might happen every day now!

In conclusion, there are many models that make us look forward to their launch, and we bet the companies are just as excited. We can not wait to see what other amazing things will be brought forward this year, especially because we want to test them all! Hopefully our wishes will come true and soon we will be able to hold the latest technology in our hands.